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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Happy Wednesday, scrappy friends. I've been meaning to post some of my scrapbooking kits for ages, and since I listed some new things in my Etsy shop this morning, today is the day!

I've been moving from one project to the next, from making over the blog {needs more pink?}, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest boards, to scrapping, to scribbling poems on napkins, to crafting new flowers, putting kits together, photography...but it works for this gemini: we need to keep moving from one thing to the next to keep our interest. One moment I'm obsessed with shabby chic, the  next I want to do clean and simple.

Great thing about this: I get to play with all sorts of beautiful things and create any style every time I put together a kit! And my wonderful customers get to have all the fun of putting it together :)

Here's a few of my favorite recent listings:

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Scrapbook Kit by Dear Zae: Done in Pink and cream in a storybook theme with handmade flowers, chipboard, with Blue Fern Studios roses and 3D embellishments. Available on Etsy at

Once Upon a Time Scrapbook Kit by Dear Zae: Done in Pink and cream in a storybook theme with handmade flowers, chipboard, with Blue Fern Studios roses and 3D embellishments. Available on Etsy at
This one features what is probably my favorite handmade flower to date: the one with the pearl center. Maybe it's because it's pink. Something... It's just so pretty! If only they all turned out this way (there have been more than a few tossed into the reject pile as I've refined my techniques). If this one expires I won't be relisting, I'll be using it myself! I also added some of the beautiful Blue Fern Studios roses. I love anything Blue Fern. Their papers are beautiful, and their flowers are always so gorgeous. And of course, the chipboard! I also love that die cut border with the gold foil romantically bohemian chic. 

Had To Share! Premade Boy Scrapbook Layout

Saturday, February 18, 2017

I decided to try my hand at creating a couple premade scrapbook layouts for my Dear Zae Etsy shop. I had to share the first one! Honestly, I want to slap some pictures of Zae in it and keep it, but we can't eat scrapbooks so hopefully someone else will treasure it for years to come of their own little boy. Poor Zae...finally make a boy scrapbook page and it's not even for him. Sorry buddy, you're stuck with pink.

boy scrapbook page layout in orange, green, blue

I Know You By Heart: CSI Feb Guest Designer Layout Reveal - Case File 224

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hello all! Welcome, welcome. Sit down and have some tea...maybe some crumpets {I still don't know what those are-do you?} or something. I have a seven-tiered cake around here somewhere if you have a sweet tooth. Probably some leftover chocolate after yesterday's binge. I was told they make special chocolate on Valentine's Day: it's calorie free, and meltier and chocolatier than usual. Thanks for that, Cupid.

Okay, so today I'm sharing the second of the scrapbook layouts I created as a February Guest Designer at CSI. {If you missed the reveal of Magic! you can check it out here}

It was an honor to be part of the team for the month. Thanks to Debbi and the CSI crew for welcoming me and giving me the opportunity to get a glimpse at all the time and effort that goes into the a challenge blog like CSI. It has made me even more appreciative of the time and effort they put in the rest of us can play.

So, let's take advantage of the opportunity to play!

Magic! CSI February Guest Designer Reveal

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

This month I was privileged to be a guest designer at CSI! Needless to say, I had a blast solving this case.

Happy Winter! CSI Case File 222

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

winter scrapbook page layout dear zae

I've never been a huge fan of winter, in case I haven't mentioned it before {I have}, but this year it's flying by with Zae making every day a new adventure. Plus, what a great photo op to get into a cute hat (made by Zae's Nana).

Treasure The Moment: Stuck?! Sketch Challenge

Sunday, January 29, 2017

I finished my CSI Guest Designer layouts for February (the first of which will be revealed on Wednesday--check back!) early enough that I was able to do a Stuck?! Sketches Challenge. This has been a productive scrapping month!

Hello, Friend! A Special Birthday Layout (CSI 221)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Happy five years to CSI this month. Congrats on five years of fun! So many people have created layouts they will have forever, thanks to the great inspiration in the bi-monthly case files. I consider myself a fairly creative person, but sometimes a blank canvas is so intimidating I just stare at it and waste tons of time and mental energy. Sometimes you just need a little kickstart of inspiration. 

I knew I would be doing the challenges this month (since it's January and what better way to pass these short winter days than scrapping?), but I had another project in mind, too...

Colorful Creations is Back, Guest Designer News - Oh, And A Layout!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hi all! Happy Sunday night to you. I didn't get around to doing a sketch for this week. What was once a weekly goal has slipped to becoming a monthly/when I get around to it goal. But when you're living life (read: chasing after an energetic 15-month old), time becomes this thing that flies past faster than you can catch it. 

As for the reason for this post when I have no layout to share (I take that back, I'll post one that is sitting on my desktop collecting dust before I sign out for the night). But firstly, do you remember Colorful Creations? You may remember them from back in 2008 on the Ning Forum. They retired in 2011, but they are back! How exciting to have another monthly challenge, right? 

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