Scrapbook Pages From Under My Bed: Part 2

I've got some more scrapbook layouts pulled out from under the bed to get some love. These were among my first scrapbook pages, made between 2011 and 2012. You can see the first series here: Scrapbook Pages From Under My Bed: Part One. In that post, I explained how I had one flower punch. By this time, I was pretty much sick of looking at those five petals. You will see them pop up from time to time, but I was experimenting and expanding my stockpile. I also began to purchase more elements, realizing that I had found a hobby that let me be creative, and at the same time preserved memories in a far more interesting way than a standard photo album.

For this picture of Mr. 67 and I on a camping trip, I put together these layered circle "flowers." I was a little sticker crazy back then. The problem was that I only had a couple of camping pictures, and I had about 200 camping themed stickers {turn me loose in Hobby Lobby and that scrapbook aisle doesn't stand a chance}. I've learned to curb that impulse buying. It's saved me a lot of money, made my workspace much neater, and forced me out of my comfort zone, making for more unique pages.{there's that pesky hippie flower trying to disguise itself on that circle}

Scrapbook Pages From Under My Bed: Part 1

So, I have a lot of old scrapbook pages from when I first started scrapping in 2011. While my style and technique have improved {at least I'd like to think so} since then, it's fun to look back at the evolution and how I learned what works and what doesn't by trial and error. Back then I didn't have a horde of supplies that requires its own space.

These pages were actually made after I made one whole scrapbook for my cat, who was 19 when she died. She only had three legs after she got stepped on by a horse, and until she died and I had my son, she was the one I doted on {my fuzzy wuzzy fur baby}. I posted one of those pages here.

As you can see, I had only two punches: the five-petaled hippie flower and the circle. I bought a pack of paper with a defined color scheme, which helped create a sense of harmony, at the very least. I also bought packs of stickers with no real purpose in mind. I had to scrounge around for a picture on the beach after investing in a sheet of package of 150 beach stickers.

Zae: The Birth Story - My Dream Birth, And What Really Happened

I went eleven days past my September 8th, 2015, due date. After three losses {which I talk more about here} every day had been a little triumph, but when that day came and went, I was more than ready to meet my baby and my patience was wearing thin. Between having to get up to pee 16 times a night, gulping air like a goldfish out of its tank {and still not getting a good breath}, heartburn, restless legs, leg cramps, and back ache, I was over being pregnant. {but I was so proud of my body for hanging in there for that long!}

I saw the doctor during week 40. She checked my cervix and declared I was 1 cm dilated. This show was on the road! {no, it wasn't. it really wasn't} We were back again at week 41. Two centimeters! My doctor wanted to schedule an induction for Friday, September 18th. Mr. 67 wanted to wait and see if my body would go into labor naturally, but my doctor was regaling me with stories about waiting too long, so I told her to go ahead and schedule it.

The night before the induction, Mr. 67 was snoring in his chair, having just done a back-to-back rotation {he oversees foreign language speakers in mission readiness training with the military} with about 4 hours of sleep in three days, so I let him sleep and packed the car myself. It started pouring as I was lugging out my bag and pillow. As soon as I finished, it passed. Go figure.

The First Post: A Story of Loss and Hope

The problem with starting a blog is that you have to fill it up with words, and staring at a blank page is extremely intimidating. I want to genuinely thank you for being here and sharing this journey with me. {Don't be a stranger. I'd love to be blog buddies!The beginning of this blog coincides with a new chapter of my life. One that closes several darker chapters which I will probably talk about at some point. For now, let me start with the catalyst that led to the start of this blog: my heart of hearts, Zae.

This little face is my entire existence right now. I want to dance and shout and sing {even brag a little bit} to everyone I meet, and I would never do any of those in public. {I’m pretty sure there’s a technical term for this known as New Mom SyndromeHe's six months old now. {have you ever had that feeling that you woke up suddenly and time passed without you realizing it?} Every day I count my blessings and try to enjoy every moment. {You really learn how to do that when Eyore's little cloud has been hanging around for so long