Baby Boy Layouts: Layne David

I made this scrapbook for my nephew, Layne, who lives in Virginia. It was the first scrapbook I gave away, and honestly it was a little hard to let go. If you've ever created something, no matter what it is, that you've poured yourself into, you know what I mean. It was sort of like a kitten. I wanted to make sure it went to a good home!

My sister isn't really a crafty or artsy person. I just wasn't convinced she understood how much time and love went into its making. My mind's eye saw my two year old nephew shredding the pages in pure delight, smiling so proudly. Nonetheless, I packaged it up and sent it off. {with a small tear in my eye}

But of course, I took pictures first.

I made his book somewhere between the time I made the pages in Part Two and Part Three of my Scrapbook Pages From Under the Bed series. I added to the repertoire this time around, adding some burned-edge blooms. You will see the hippie flower pop up a time or two. {along with some more shabby torn circle flowers and dryer sheet flowers!} I had some silk flowers from another project that weren't meant for scrapping but that I used because I hadn't yet accumulated my horde.

This was the first and only page I've ever made that doesn't have a picture on it. I had a love/hate feeling for it for a while. I love the eclectic collection of letters, but it seemed like a waste not to have a picture on it. But it was a good way to introduce the book, set the color scheme, and add a bit of whimsy.

My current books are just pages inserted at random. I have scrapped pictures of my past at random, here a picture at 3, there a page featuring a random family member. Now that I have my son (read his birth story here if you'd like). I've mentioned before that journaling was a sort of neglected element to so many of my early pages. So I decided that I liked it, despite lacking a photo element. As an exception to the rule. It's a title page of sorts, I suppose. It gives the whole book its theme and gives a clear expectation: this book is all about Layne.

I took this picture of my nephew on my sister's shoulder the morning after he was born, as soon as I got to the hospital after driving 20 hours. I will always remember peering into the cradle for that first glimpse. He had this crazy amount of hair and he was just so small {though I doubt my sister was thinking that}.

I love the colors in this page--the brown, sage, and tan backdrop for this wonderful smoky blue. Choosing colors is half the fun. In this book, I focused on blue and green with some brown accents here and there. This page a little more so because of the sepia picture that lent a vintage quality.

Another dryer sheet bloom {which totally clashes with my color scheme but at the time it was that or look at the torn paper where I dropped a big glob of hot glue}. Anyway, nothing too exciting but can we talk about that blue gingham paper? I absolutely love gingham. I was excited to be able to fit some into these baby boy layouts. Another paper I love? Check out the polka dot background on the next page.

How I love polka dots. The only thing that makes polka dots better? Tiny polka dots mixed in! This background paper is so adorable, it's perfect for the first family photo of my sister and her oldest boy, Layne. Using this laser cut cutout page was a first for me, and I really loved it! I loved pulling out sections over the photo and sticking the hearts through. It really showcases the layering.

You already know I love gingham, and polka dots, but what I think I love most is buttons! One of my favorite parts in the whole book is this little button tower. And what a way to dress up the tired old hippie flower than a button center. I especially love adding string through the button holes, but honestly I just don't usually have the patience for it. I managed to do the one on the hippie flower, but the rest ended up naked. 

I love this picture of my sister, Sarah, and her husband, David, with Layne in his first swim. You can see he had eyes only for the water. He was trying to nose-dive the whole time, making these little hehehe sounds. I love these little mini-clothespins. Strangely enough, I didn't use single flower on this layout. But I don't really think it needs anything. Maybe it's nice to mix a simpler page into a book where every other page has flowers. {yeah right, the real me is saying You know you could put three right over here on the left, and another sixteen 

I slipped a little orange into this page. I love this peachy color against the blue. And then there are those cheeks. {can you get arrested for kissing a child's cheeks off?}

You know, all I can say about the "stems" I made using a silver pen is that I learned by trial and error {and there were a looooooot of the latter}. What I do love about this page is this picture, because it is the only picture of me and my nephew as a baby. {poor guy looks like he has a gray hair, but it was just a little hot glue I left behind-oops!} I also love these burned edge flowers. They're less girly flowers.

It's the little things in life, right? This pages makes me happy in so many ways. First, that hair is something else! I love it. He has better hair than I do and it's in a mohawk. {ah well, it all evens up in the end; I have great leg hair so there's that blessing}

Then there is the polka dot button...I mean, when two things you love combine, you just want to do a little happy dance right there in the craft store aisle.  e are the colored polka dot leaves kind of hiding down there under the bear and flower. Kids layouts are so fun. You don't have to be serious or match match. You can have fun with colors and patterns and go bold and it just works. 

I haven't used pictures this small very often. I tend to want my real estate for the photo, which is, after all, the purpose behind the book. And it was so easy to make the frame--it was jus a circle punch in the center of a square. I love it when things just work out like that :)

I'll be back with layouts from my niece's baby girl scrapbook soon. In the meantime, catch a falling star and put it in your pocket. 

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