Adeline Marie

So, in the post about Layne's scrapbook, I promised to post my niece, Adeline's, baby girl scrapbook pages. Here's a few of them, along with a sneak peek of some of the upcoming pages I'll be posting soon. 

You can kind of tell what "era" I made these pages in. I made a whole bunch of dryer sheet flowers the first year I started scrapping. These glittery pink and purple blooms were perfect for my sweet niece.

Adeline was born with a thatch of hair, like you can see in that first page. I love the pic on the right because she had just gotten out of a bath and her hair was actually laying flat. Otherwise it stuck straight up, like this:

Einstein hair or not, she's pretty sweet. I have to include a pic of her as she is now, just so you can see how cute she is that it does in fact lie down straight now! She has gorgeous hair, just like her mama {my beautiful sister, Sarah}

My sister was blessed with beautiful, thick, straight hair that bleached in the sun so she had these perfect natural highlights. My hair, on the other hand, is super-fine and just wavy enough to fall between windblown beach wave and frizzy {leaning more toward the latter}. My hair is my lifelong bane. I usually just tame it into a knot and forgeddaboutit.

Alright, now here are the sneak peeks at four pages I will be unveiling at some point from the stack of pages in my archives.

Layout: Wonder

Layout: Natalie Jane

Layout: Celebrate Pink

{Am I the only one a little creeped out by that one eyeball staring at us?}

So, I've now completed the archive portion of the tour blog {i think. anyway. i haven't actually dove under my bed into that cobwebby part in the back. i'm pretty sure there's a troll living back there and I don't want to get eaten by it disturb it} From now on I'll be featuring pages with lots of focus on the elements, as you can see above. I can't wait to show you. Until then, happy scrapping!

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