A Beautiful Day in the Valley

If you've read my "About" section, you know that when I was young, we lived in a valley in Minnesota and my dad faithfully hauled us to horse shows every summer weekend. This page represents both. This is the valley and my horse, Flame. 

I entered this page in the Houston County Fair a few years ago {oh yes, I love the county fair: it's like Country magazine come to life!} and won a blue ribbon. Ah, it brought me right back to my teen years in 4-H! Which was about when this picture was taken. Apparently 15-year-old me liked pea-soup green (like my tie above) and puke-yellow (like the pants in the second from last photo on this page). 

I don't ride anymore due to health issues and back problems. When my neurosurgeon said I could never ride again, it felt like the world was ending. Since then, I've come to a certain peace with my limitations. I turned to my creative side to keep me busy. Now I can look at this page any time and relive those wonderful years of my youth. That is what's so great about scrapbooking. It gives memories life and keeps them vivid. And because there is always a silver lining, to every storm cloud, if I was still riding I would probably not have started scrapbooking--or started this blog. Of course it isn't the same. But I have to believe God put me on this path for a reason, and I might not even know what it is. 

Annnyyyway, since these pictures remind me of years past, I used some antiquing walnut spray to give the papers an aged look. The colors also make me think vintage with the washed out hues.

The tag came from the same paper pack as the background. I couldn't find any ribbon or string at the time, so I used a strip of cardstock and tied it like a ribbon. I kind of like how it turned out. The wavy border was precut and one of my favorite things about this page. I love the pop of color.

If you've followed the release of the Scrapbook Pages From Under My Bed series, you might be able to spot the hippie flower! It's sandwiched between a couple of punched circles with distressed edges on the right. I love that button. My mom was kind enough to give me access to her button box, which has tons of unique buttons. Moms are so great, aren't they? 

The two turquoise flowers came in a pack of already-dyed flowers with no centers, so I just added a couple baby brads. The tiny flowers on the left and right, kind of cut off, were made using a punch, layering two together, adding some inking to the centers and edges, and finishing them with a couple of stick-on crystals. 

The orange flower is also one of my faves. I made it using a circle punch and just ripping out four little sections. It's layered over a punched journal square. 

I love the shabby circle flower with the different sized circles and patterns. They are so easy to make and look so cute! It's an easy way to get a large embellishment on a page without spending on purchased blooms. 

To make the flower look less like a bunch of various-sized circles, I gave them a good distressing, roughing them up and adding ink to the edges. Finish with a brad, button, or gem and voila, big flower.

I just love this color palette. I have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to color schemes. Pop on over there to take a peek for your own project!

Until next time, save all your scheming for colors.

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