Mr. Wonderful

When my neurosurgeon told me the spinal surgery I had scheduled for May of 2013 would be a year to full recovery, Mr. 67 took me on a date night every Friday night to pack in as much fun as we could.

It was extremely painful, but we learned how to tango {well 8 steps anyway}, had a candlelight picnic complete with couples massages, and stopped in to Shenanigans, land of fun for kids {and adults who dispense with their maturity for a few hours}. We played laser tag with a bunch of ten year-old boys who were too polite to shoot me, dropped some quarters for ski-ball, and of course sat in the photo booth to mark the memory.

So, my addiction to polka dots gets a healthy fix with these adorable prints: the glittery baby blues and the sunny yellow mini-dots. And that yellow-print flower? It's so adorable and just seems to sing a happy song.

This chipboard heart is too cute, too. I love the shape and the fanciful print. The yellow flower on the left came in a pack of white flowers with no centers. I whipped up a little food coloring water and had more fun than a kid coloring easter eggs. 

The blue flower above and the pink and blue flowers below were all hand dyed. The way the dye is absorbed creates a great color variation, which makes them look a lot more natural. And all it takes is a little food coloring and a paper towel. This would be a great way to get kids involved in scrapping. What kid wouldn't want to play with bowls of colored dyes? And you don't even have to wait for Easter.

I love the pink flower. It's so feminine and pretty. It makes me want to do a page with lots of them on it. 

One of our "dates" took us on a little drive south of the border {way down south into Iowa, that is} to visit Lansing's Horsfalls Variety Store, which is about 40 minutes south of where we live in Minnesota. It's a beautiful drive down the river road, where the road curves along the high hills. We took a stop at the City Meat Market in teeny tiny New Albin for the BEST pork jerky, then continued on down the river to Lansing.

Horsfalls is a hidden gem of pure exultation for a scrapbooker. See this picture? There are rows and rows that look like this. And in two of them are paper packs, stickers, embellishments, paper's a scrapper's paradise. Last time I visited, I came away with a bag full of goodies for under $20! Anyone who has shucked out their hard-earned bucks for that irresistible package of Prima flowers knows how fast $20 can go. And if you're looking for some gadget you didn't know you needed, they probably have it. This aisle looks almost wide compared to the maze of shelves and the narrow pathways meandering through it.

Tomorrow Nana and Mama are packing up the little man and heading to our first garage sales of the year. Hope for some sunshine {and someone who just cleaned out their craft closet!}.

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