Blue and Yellow: Two Layouts

I love the combination of blue and yellow. Though blue is a cool color, it seems bright as a sunny day when in combination with warm yellow. The sunny, happy colors were perfect for this picture of Zae on one of the first days of Spring that was warm and dry enough to play outside. I could barely get a picture of him looking at me because he was looking at eeerrrvrything he could clap his eyes on. It's so fun to look at the world through the eyes of a child seeing the sun, clouds, and flowers for the first time. You can pretty much read the wonder on his face. 

Easily my favorite part of this page is the row of creamy-yellow buttons. My very LEAST favorite part of scrapping is putting string through buttons. I love the look so much better than naked holes, but ugh I just never want to do it. So when I finished this line of four of them it was worthy of a little happy dance. 


The next one features oh-so-cute Adeline, my niece, after I dressed her up. She let me do it, but she much prefers her brother's hand-me-down jeans. Though she doesn't mind wearing her tutu over them. This paper is so cute with the little birds, I left it simple to enjoy the paper.  I added a little inking to the page, otherwise I left it as is {because, why mess with super-cuteness?}

April is coming to a close, and this month has flown. I can't believe t's been a whole month of figuring out this blogging thing, cleaning and organizing my new scrapping  & craft room, and preparing to get set up on Etsy. I am so very excited to launch this blog and start this venture on Etsy. Being a stay-at-home mom, and especially having health limitations, I am beyond elated to do something I love while contributing to my family's well-being.

It can be hard to feel like you can't contribute what you feel you should. My mind wants so much, but my body is always limiting me. It seems unfathomable that I could do something with my creativity, stay at home with my baby, and maybe buy some diapers and my own lip gloss. It's been a bumpy road at times, but there is still so much to be thankful for.

I can't wait to share the launch of our Etsy store. I want to have everything just so, so when all those orders come pouring in {hehe} I won't have to scramble around for packaging and shipping materials and whatnot. I work good under pressure, but when the fire's licking your toes, that's too much heat. I'm keeping it real, knowing my limitations, and getting off on the right foot. I think, realistically, we'll have a beginning of summer launch. Cross your fingers for us!

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