Here's another kind of vintage page inspired by this childhood picture of my sister taken on the Black River when we took a canoe trip. I've talked about my sister's lovely hair before, but I don't think I mentioned that it was almost always really long. Oftentimes hitting her belt. If you can read the journaling part you will see that this was the only time she ever had short hair: after our cousin played "beautician." {I'm pretty sure mom lost at least a couple minutes off her life.} This was the fixed hair...the before didn't look anything beautician-y. {You'll be pleased to know our cousin went into respiratory therapy, not hairdressing.}

And by the way...that is NOT my hippie flower!

For the pink and polka dot flower, I used two scalloped punches. The outer ones I clipped every indentation, while the inner ones I clipped every other indentation, which left a kind of heart shape. I plopped a cabbage rose in the middle because, why not? What flower isn't going to benefit from a cabbage rose center? {probably one of my favorites, after a surgery I cranked these things out--you can see the pile of them on my Google+ profile page}.

For the actual petals I used a foam cushion (like the kind that brads often come on) and a chopstick to score and shape each of the pink petals. The polka dot petals I just folded in half to give them some texture.

The flour shape sticker with the rhinestones came with the "Memories" title. They are made of some kind of thick plastic-type stuff that give an interesting juxtaposition to the paper materials.

The lace is some that came off a shirt I picked up but never wore because it fit kind of weird {I hate trying on clothes, so sadly this is not a new experience}. Instead of taking it back {yeah right that will get done} or losing it to the depths of my insatiable closet, I tore it up and recycled {upcycled?} the crochet lace and some embroidered gauze material. I love using materials that don't necessarily come from the scrapbook aisle. Especially when I can save something that might otherwise get thrown away.

I have a problem like that. I can't waste anything...from a 1/4" snippet of ribbon I will never use because it's only a 1/4" I might possibly use someday when the need arises for 1/4" shavings of ribbon. {and don't throw any recyclables into my garbage because then I'm going to have to dumpster dive to get it and it's just a messy business.}

I love butterflies. I try and stick them on every page I possibly can. It wasn't hard for this outdoor themed photo. You can almost see them flitting about along the riverbank. In the top of the above photo you can see the pretty metal embellishment by the title. It's a little out of place on this page, actually, with its natural elements and whatnot, but I just luuurrrve me some clinky metal embellies.

{basically, if its scrappable I love it. It's really just about the varying degrees of love I hold in my heart for the many different embellishments}

Hope you're scrapping with things you love, too.

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