Scrapbook Pages From Under My Bed: Part 2

I've got some more scrapbook layouts pulled out from under the bed to get some love. These were among my first scrapbook pages, made between 2011 and 2012. You can see the first series here: Scrapbook Pages From Under My Bed: Part One. In that post, I explained how I had one flower punch. By this time, I was pretty much sick of looking at those five petals. You will see them pop up from time to time, but I was experimenting and expanding my stockpile. I also began to purchase more elements, realizing that I had found a hobby that let me be creative, and at the same time preserved memories in a far more interesting way than a standard photo album.

For this picture of Mr. 67 and I on a camping trip, I put together these layered circle "flowers." I was a little sticker crazy back then. The problem was that I only had a couple of camping pictures, and I had about 200 camping themed stickers {turn me loose in Hobby Lobby and that scrapbook aisle doesn't stand a chance}. I've learned to curb that impulse buying. It's saved me a lot of money, made my workspace much neater, and forced me out of my comfort zone, making for more unique pages.{there's that pesky hippie flower trying to disguise itself on that circle}

The hippie flower made it into this layout, but it's hardly recognizable when they're given a good distressing and gold inking. I broke up two butterfly borders into smaller pieces and added them individually. I think at this point I was really starting to love the distressed look. But my "journaling" still left a lot {LOT} to be desired. {in case you missed it, it's the gold pen at the bottom with the questionable handwriting}

On this page of one of my favorite pictures of my grandma, the hippie flower is in full bloom, and still blatantly being the same as it always is. Layering them doesn't do much in the way of disguise. And again, I bought a whole pack of grandma stickers for this one page. On the bright side, I made some attempt at journaling the things I think about when I think of my grandma: playing Yahtzee at the campground, how she made everyone's favorite cakes for their birthdays {mine was pineapple upside down cake}, and eating her dill pickles and cherry pie {not usually together}.

Can you spot the hippie flower? I had added a small flower punch to my collection, so I added a middle to it and, with lots of fun wrinkling it gets a fuller effect. I tried a lot of different techniques on this page. There are the rolled "lollipop" flowers, the spiral roses, and even a quilled leaf. That might have been the only time I've ever used the quilling technique. I love the effect, but I just didn't have the patience to work with those tiny strips of paper. But wow you can do some amazing things using this technique.

Hey! It's a page without a hippy flower! Though, honestly, there's plenty of room on this one. I guess I was going with a minimalist approach. This is one of my favorite pictures of my sister and me with rags in our hair. Talk about an uncomfortable night. My mom always said, "Suffer to be beautiful." Maybe that's why I go with a minimalist approach to my hair these days {wash, air dry, ponytail, done}. But I had fun with my new score-board and made this fan-fold flower.

Another of my favorite childhood pics of me and some of the cousins on a family trip to Camp Wickiup in Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota. That's what I love about scrapbooking--bringing memories to life and giving them a personality to try and express how that memory makes you feel.

This trip was one of my favorite childhood memories. It was the sort of trip that defines a summer, caught in that tender time of blissful childhood when your biggest worry is whether or not you get to go swimming the next day. My mom's eight brothers and sisters, and all the cousins in tow, made the trip from southeastern Minnesota to the cabins in the Black Hills. We cooked over open fires and ate on tin plates. We played all day in Spearfish Creek. We slept on the cabins' screened porches, telling scary stories to the backdrop of chirping crickets and croaking frogs, jumping at every sound in the woods, dramatically scared it might be a bear.

Incidentally, on this trip my sister went on a drive-through tour of a wildlife park and a bear reared up onto the van and shook it. She has been absolutely terrified of bears since then. I don't think she even liked the Teddy kind. She is also scared of lightning because when she was only a few years old she was sitting next to a metal table on a porch when lightning struck outside and created a St. Elmo's fire. {I mean, that's some rotten luck}

I have a few more firsties under my bed: Scrapbook Pages From Under My Bed: Part 3.

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