Winnebago Valley

When I was a teen, my family lived in a beautiful meandering valley, on a farm with 180 acres where my sister and I rode our horses like wild women. We were true country girls. So what better place to take my freshman photos than the old horse barn on the property?

Now, you may have read about how terrible I am at journaling in my scrap pages if you've meandered through the blog, but I think I won on this page! In fact, this page sports my very favorite journaling spots I've made to date.

Let me take you on a tour d'page...

Nothing Is a Waste of Time

I made this layout several years ago. The lace is up cycled from a shirt I never took the tag off of, that was given to me as a gift. I still have bits of that shirt stashed away--some pretty embroidered overlay pieces, more lace, some meshy material, and some creamy white fabric. I think I got far more use out of it than had I actually worn it, and now I'll have "it" forever {far longer than a shirt would have lasted!}

 The bloom is handmade of layered fabric from the lining of the shirt I mentioned above, fastened with a beautiful fancy brad. The butterfly and sage border are both punches. The leaves are actually from faux flowers, not the scrapbooking aisle, but they work just as beautifully and they're recycled instead of thrown out, so it's a win all around.

I glittered the chipboard flourish in a green that complemented the sort of vintage and sepia colors I had going. I love the lacy border punch--it's understated but adds another layer of femininity along with the lace and crystal. I love the little metal tag frame {I'm sure there is a word for it, but I am having a serious case of fibro fog}.

Celebrate Pink (And Scrapping on a Budget)

My niece, Adeline, is my go-to girl when I need to scrap something pink! And you just have to do ultra-girl with lace and pearls and glitter sometimes.

I'm going to be discussing scrapping on a budget as we do the tour of this very pink page, and I just wanted to note that though I was conscious of budget on this page, it was my most viewed page on my gallery. So when you're eying those expensive packages of flowers next time, remember you don't have to spend a lot to create a wow page.

Natalie Jane

Little Natalie Jane, my cousin Pete's daughter, is now in kindergarten, but back when this was taken she was a chubby cheeked little cherub.  I had to scrap this picture of her with the rosiest cheeks you could possibly have :) I love the soft colors of these papers. They are perfect for baby pages without having to use papers printed with bottles and safety pins.

Mr. 67's Birthday! 3 New Layouts From our Day at the Park

Oh my...Mr. 67 turned 35! We took Zae for a walk at Riverside Park to get some photos. I have to admit, I haven't scrapped any pictures of Zae so far. That's so terrible! He's eight months old already. I don't know what happened, but somehow, 2/3 of a year has gone by! I'm finally getting back into the swing of things and recovering the me in mom-me.

Is This the Dream?

I'm sitting at my desk in my new {somewhat haphazard, pieced-together} office studio {which is a fancy-schmansy way of saying spare bedroom with a mishmash of furniture}, and while we aren't in a million dollar home with hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, or granite countertops, I feel so good. The thing that makes this place special {besides the dresser with my mom's extra clothes in it}? It's a place I can plop down my laptop and not be sitting in the living room or in bed at night aaaannnd I can leave my scrappy mess all over and no one has to brush it aside to eat supper. It's also not ruining random selfies {that is the kitchen table in our last place...things have not improved as my stash has grown}.

A Day With Zae: 7 Months

Summer is creeping toward us with alarming speed. Some days I wish I could hit the pause button on this ride and slow things down a bit. My baby is moving out of babyhood too quickly--sitting this month, crawling, and learning new sounds. I look forward to the coming milestones but mourn the loss of each stage he passes. I truly try to cherish every moment. You can never get them back. So hug your babes today; these are the memories of tomorrow.

Scrapbook Pages From Under the Bed: Part 4

I found a bunch more pages that I just had to get up here, so forgive the photo dump, but I have so many more things to share after I get these up here, so I'll keep the commentary short and sweet.

Mr. 67 took Zae to the Friendship Gardens and snapped this pic that I just love--he's like a little Cabbage Patch baby sprouted right up among the cosmos. I might have to take a break from this post and go kiss those cheeks.