Celebrate Pink (And Scrapping on a Budget)

My niece, Adeline, is my go-to girl when I need to scrap something pink! And you just have to do ultra-girl with lace and pearls and glitter sometimes.

I'm going to be discussing scrapping on a budget as we do the tour of this very pink page, and I just wanted to note that though I was conscious of budget on this page, it was my most viewed page on my scrapbook.com gallery. So when you're eying those expensive packages of flowers next time, remember you don't have to spend a lot to create a wow page.

Back in the early days of my scrapbooking career, I didn't have many supplies, and I didn't have a ton of extra money to spend on those beautiful packages of flowers at the craft store, so I had to make my own. For the price of the couple pearl brads I had three pretty flowers!

I made the two on the right using some scrap fabric and a little food coloring and glitter. I sprayed my homemade dye onto fabric, which was white, and waited for it to dry. Then I cut out a bunch of very rough circles (the rougher the better in my opinion!) and stacked them up, punched the brad through, and voila. 

These mulberry paper flowers were also hand-dyed, mainly just because it's fun. Also, you can get a package of white mulberry paper flowers and dye them yourself to have dozens of blooms for far less than buying pre-made. So that was the other way I was able to cut costs.
The ultimate frugal flower, though, is on the left. It's made of packing material that came wrapped around some electronics. It was already the perfect color pink, so all I did was cut out the circles and add some glittery glue.
Another way I cut costs was repurposing some materials that weren't meant for scrapbooking--like this bit of lace. I had received a really pretty shirt as a gift, and it had this beautiful gauzy lace overlay, but it fit really uncomfortably. Instead of returning it, I cut it up and saved the lace!

Now, maybe you don't have the heart to murder innocent shirts that never did anything to you besides flattening your boobs in a most uncomfortable manner. I, however, did not have such compunctions. I wielded those scissors with no mercy. And, when you think about it, I can guarantee you I will have this page long after I would have worn out the shirt, even had it had a built-in push-up bra.

And on that note {the pancake boob one}, I will wrap this up, because really, where do you go after that?

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