Scrapbook Pages From Under the Bed: Part 4

I found a bunch more pages that I just had to get up here, so forgive the photo dump, but I have so many more things to share after I get these up here, so I'll keep the commentary short and sweet.

Mr. 67 took Zae to the Friendship Gardens and snapped this pic that I just love--he's like a little Cabbage Patch baby sprouted right up among the cosmos. I might have to take a break from this post and go kiss those cheeks.

I got some good kisses in, even though he was sound asleep, and I'm back with the theme-appropriate page, To-Do List. I make sure I do each of these every day, usually more than once :)

And here's one more of my friend Nichole, who was watching her son play in the park when I took this. I love the dreamy pride so obvious in her face...and now I know exactly how she was feeling as I watch my own son like he's a prince!

That's all I can squeeze in before eyelids feel like they have sawdust in them. Goodnight world :)

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