You Shine, My Boy: A Blue 'n Brown Layout With Burnt Edge Flowers

For those of you who are first time readers to put this page into context, if you will, when I was still pregnant with my son last summer, I began making lots of scrapbook pages without photos in them, without knowing if I was having a boy or a girl. Most of them ended up being pink. I thought I was having a girl. I could not even picture having a boy. Everyone else thought it was going to be a girl, too. I all but bought pink crib sheets. As it turned out, I got exactly what my heart needed. The surprise made it all the more sweet.

Seraphina: A Layout for Our Lost Little Angel

This layout was really hard for me, yet I knew it had to be done. It wasn't the layout itself that was hard, but the subject matter. This ultrasound picture is not the happy picture you stick up on your fridge as you count down the days until your due date. This ultrasound was taken after a trip to the emergency room to find out that they couldn't find a heartbeat.

Seattle Ferry

This simple layout is a picture from my childhood, riding on one of the infamous ferries on a visit to Seattle to see my mom's sister and her family in Tacoma. I don't remember the trip, but I have always loved this picture.


In honor of Father's Day, I wanted to post a layout that featured my dad. This is a take on the vintage boho style, which suits this vintage sepia picture of my dad, my uncle, and a friend heading out on a camping trip perfectly. 

Find True Love

Still working on my backlog of scrapbook pages. Let me tell you, it takes a lot of time to get set up, take the photos, input them into the computer, do any editing or cropping, then upload and write about them. Sure, one page it might not seem so bad, but when you have a hundred get where I'm coming from. So there's no time to waste! Let's get to it.

Love Story

Good morning, y'all. I recently had a comment about the layout on my About page and realized I've never actually posted the pictures, so I had to get on here and get to it, because this is one of my favorite pages. It's actually one of the first pages I made that really felt like I was creating something that looked like what I envisioned in my head.

Mr. 67

So, the other day I posted three layouts--two of my niece, Adeline, and one of my sister as a girl. Today I thought I'd better give some love to my love, Mr. 67.

I've mentioned before that I just love a county fair. I go to every fair for every county around me. My favorite part is looking at the photography and art entries, which is what I enter {along with my scrapbook pages and cards, of course}. Due to health issues, I haven't entered in the last couple years, but I fully intend to this year, health permitting. {after all, I have a willing new model in my life!}


For this layout of Miss Adeline {my niece} as a baby a few years ago, I used nothing but handmade flowers. It was fun to let my creativity free, but it's far more time consuming than purchasing some ready-made blooms from the craft store {or even better, some handmade blooms from Etsy!} 

Easter Bonnet

I went all out when distressing this page of my little sister more than 20 years ago in a photo my dad shot on an Easter day when my sister was 11. I love the look of wrinkled paper {on scrapbook pages--not on my personal notebooks! the horror!}

A Little Birdie Told Me

Good morning! The last few days I've been in the midst of a fibro flare-up, which means just touching my skin is painful. My muscles are super-sore, like I ran a marathon or fought a bull or something, and my energy level is bottomed out. I've been working so hard on my Etsy shop, which isn't even physically hard work, and yet it leaves me exhausted! So, I took yesterday "off" and caught up on things I needed to do on my laptop, like post my backlog of scrapbook pages.

Making Memories to Last a Lifetime

Once upon a time, during a beautiful childhood, I had a horse named Merlin. I rode her every day. Worked with her on every aspect of horsemanship. We mainly rode in gaming events like barrel racing, but I am a gemini, and I like to dip my toes into everything. Jack of all trades, master of none. But we had fun. I loved jumping, and my game horse was pretty good at it! She might not have had the prettiest lines, but jumping (versus hunter jumping) is about time, and she was fast and turned on a dime thanks to our rodeo background.

A Day With Zae: 8 Months

Two posts in one can it be? I feel miserable today so I've spent most of it working on my laptop from the comfort of my favorite chair in the living room. But even that can be productive when you have a blog that needs some attention!

And I wanted to make sure I got this post up before my bitty boy turned 9 months next week. I feel like I just did this, and here I am again and another month has gone by. I can't take it--this child is growing way to fast. I'd swear it was only a couple months ago at the most that it was last summer and I was still pregnant and waiting for my little man to arrive, and now those days are long gone and another summer is here.

Natural Beauty

If you've perused much of my blog, you will see I love to scrap my lovely niece, Adeline. I only get to see her about once a year, so I guess my way of showing my love is to make a space in my scrapbooks so I can have her all year long.

I wanted to do something fun, girly, and bright for this snap, because she was running around in this golden light on the second evening after we'd come to visit, and it was a beautiful memory. Have I mentioned that I love scrapbooking for this reason? {that's rhetorical--the answer is YES A MILLION TIMES} Seriously, though, I love matching the page to the memory...picking out the colors that waver through the memories our photographs capture. It's art, I tell ya!

Sneak Peek at New Etsy Shop Kits - Coming Soon!

I haven't been good to the blog lately, but I have a good reason. Besides having injured my neck somehow, and my upper back slipping in and out, I've been working constantly to create some really beautiful kits that I hope make people as happy as I was in making them. I wanted to get something up here to get the June tab rolling, so I have some pics of some of the kits you'll be seeing up on Etsy {soon, hopefully? by summer's commencement, barring any more injuries}.

I have all the pics done, but I have to get the descriptions done yet. It's amazing how much time it takes to attend to every little detail of opening a small business, even one as seemingly simple as selling scrapbook kits. But, being a perfectionist, I like attending to those little details. I just don't always appreciate how much time they take up {especially when there is a choice between recording expenses and playing with Zae!}.

Here's a few of the kits I'm so excited to introduce: