A Day With Zae: 8 Months

Two posts in one day...how can it be? I feel miserable today so I've spent most of it working on my laptop from the comfort of my favorite chair in the living room. But even that can be productive when you have a blog that needs some attention!

And I wanted to make sure I got this post up before my bitty boy turned 9 months next week. I feel like I just did this, and here I am again and another month has gone by. I can't take it--this child is growing way to fast. I'd swear it was only a couple months ago at the most that it was last summer and I was still pregnant and waiting for my little man to arrive, and now those days are long gone and another summer is here.

I've been counting my blessings, and I am so happy. I've battled depression in the past, and it's a terrible place to be. I don't know if it's situational (having suffered losses and dealing with pain along with some traumatic experiences), or genuinely a chemical imbalance, but I try to make the choice every day to be happy. Before Zae was born, it was harder to make that choice and mean it. How can you be happy when you're missing your heart? I feel like I was forever waiting for him, and that wait was hard.

But now he's here, and he's eight months old, and life is so beautiful. I don't have to make that decision to be happy so consciously anymore. Now, it comes naturally every time I look at his face.


So far, he has liked everything but peas. Sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas...everything else is great, but he gagged up the peas. It was so bad he quit eating from a spoon for a few days. He's been picking up these little banana puffs and eating them himself, along with drinking from a cup. He loves his sippie cup from Grandpa, but I only use that when I am giving it to him to hold himself, otherwise I like him to drink from an actual cup, and he really loves getting drinks even more than his fruit puree.


Snuggles are getting harder to come by, because there is so much to do! I love that he will play on his own if I'm trying to fold laundry or something, and then when I'm done he crawls over to me and climbs into my lap {and melts my heart into a pile of goo--I've got it bad!}. He really likes to pick out his own toys now. He dug in his toy basket the other day with serious intent, only to come out with this little plastic baby from his dollhouse. Yeah, he has a dollhouse--its this little plastic house that opens up to make two rooms. Nana already had it for when my niece, Adeline, visits. Mainly he likes the little people that live in it, and the chimney that spins. {I was surprised at how calmly Mr. 67 took it to see his son playing with a little pink baby doll in a pink dress.}

When we're on the road, he is content to work on getting his shoes off or play with an empty water bottle or spoon.

He still loves to take walks, of course. And he still loves the cats! My oldest cat, Wooley, my ever-present buddy, is getting so tolerant of him now. It's really sweet. He used to run and hide when kids were present, and now he's letting Zae pull his hair and crawl over his tail. He kind of took to him right away...as you can see from the sweet picture of them snuggling together when Zae was only a couple months old, and the one below, taken this month, of them exploring together. I've been surprised at my "grumpy old man's" patience with fur-grabbing and tail-pulling. Zae's "petting" is more of a whack! whack! whack! It has to be anything but enjoyable to a cat, but they seem to know it's all innocent.


  • Standing up against furniture/in crib. This one was part of that misty dream I used to have, imagining the day when I'd come into my baby's room and find them standing at their crib. Now I get to see it every day and it's so beautiful.
  • Eating on his own. He's picking up his own banana puffs and sticking them into his mouth {which makes his face look so disgusted--only to eat another one a second later and have the same reaction}. I haven't done much else with food because when I gave him a banana chunk he gagged until he threw up. He does that quite a bit, so we're backing off the food chunks and just thickening up the cereal and fruit mush. 
  • Drinking from sippy cup on his own. This is super fun, in his book
  • Gets into a sitting position without help.
  • Pretty sure he knows what NO means...which I have to use when he sneaks his way into daddy's stuff {he's diabetic and no he doesn't leave needles out or anything like that, but he does sometimes leave his little box that has his kit and sugar tabs and stuff inside it out, and Zae just loves the forbidden fruit
  • Two top front teeth are in.
  • Crawling on hands and knees instead of the army crawl he had been doing. 
  • Said Mama! Melting my heart, of course. I don't think he realizes what he said (he says it all the time), but he makes the sound constantly, or just mom, and it's so cute {no da-da or na-na yet, but I think they're both working on him when I'm not around...} 


He's weaned himself off of nursing almost entirely, including our bedtime snuggle, which makes me sad. He's only nursing now in the middle of the night, and only then because when I hear him stir I snatch him up and snuggle him against me and nurse him while he's still mostly asleep until he's done and then smashes his cheek against my chest and sleeps there while I drift into a dreamworld that isn't half so sweet as reality :)

I've been making a point to take more photos again after all but abandoning my camera (not quite true...I've been busy taking tons of photos of my products for my upcoming Etsy launch!). So, before these last 2% of bars in my battery abandon me, here's a few highlights from this month's photos.

I love this pic because the lighting was perfect to catch his sectoral heterochromia--the different colors in his eyes. Each eye is a little different. It's really beautiful, I think. It makes him unique...and I think especially meant for me...because though I never asked God for this specifically, I have always wanted a child with this "abnormality." In the first manuscript I wrote, my main character had this very "flaw." He's a special boy, and I am so proud to say he's mine.

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