Easter Bonnet

I went all out when distressing this page of my little sister more than 20 years ago in a photo my dad shot on an Easter day when my sister was 11. I love the look of wrinkled paper {on scrapbook pages--not on my personal notebooks! the horror!}

I love the look of torn paper with inked edges. I don't know that this page was a complete success, but I played with some colors that I wouldn't normally think of pairing together: smoky blue, peach, and purple. I think it works... I usually pull the colors from the photos, but the amount of green was overbearing, so I steered clear of green and instead pulled from her dress and skin tone. While it's not one of my absolute favorites, I do still love it.

One thing that I did think was a success is these patterned leaves I hand cut and inked. I love the whimsy of patterned leaves. And even if you're not going for whimsy, per se, sometimes a touch of the light-hearted can brighten a more serious page.

Don't really have a comment for this picture...
My sister's pretty...

Oh, hey, I thought of something to add. Did anyone see the post with the Memories layout? I had journaled about my sister and cousin playing "beautician" and cutting off all her hair? I think I mentioned in that post how beautiful my sister's hair was...and now I can show you exactly what I was saying. Isn't it so pretty? It's the most gorgeous color, and so thick.

Have I mentioned how much I hate my hair? We don't get along. At. All. Hair hate me. I hate hair. It's a vicious cycle. If one of us is having a good day, the other isn't. That once a month good hair day inevitably comes on a flare-up day. I can totally relate to Britney some days. 

Gotta tear some paper!

If you have read the blog, I'm sure you've heard {read?} me say how much I love buttons. And the buttons on those purple flowers above? Yeah, they make me happy!

I love the saying, too. Sisters are like different flowers from the same garden. My sister and I are almost exactly 18 months apart. She was born on January 10, while I was born on June 18. It's interesting to note that we are almost polar opposites in relation to the time of year we were born, and in life we are polar opposites, too. But no matter how different we are from each other, we still share the same memories of our childhood. We are indeed from the same garden. 

I un-horded one of my prima flowers for this layout. Must be love, sis :)

I think I have one more post in me tonight--another of my backlog of pages! If not, you'll know I found my pillow and I'm probably snoring at this very moment.

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