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Still working on my backlog of scrapbook pages. Let me tell you, it takes a lot of time to get set up, take the photos, input them into the computer, do any editing or cropping, then upload and write about them. Sure, one page it might not seem so bad, but when you have a hundred get where I'm coming from. So there's no time to waste! Let's get to it.

This is an older page featuring me and Mr. 67. I decorated with some handmade rolled fabric flowers. I have since gone back and added the flowers on the right and some other little accessories because it was originally much more simple (read: bo-ring!). But when I first scrapped this page, I hadn't yet invested half a fortune that much into my hobby.

Speaking of that...I wish I had known now what I didn't know then: scrapbook kits are the way to go. I think I would have saved a TON of money, and a ton of time, if I had even known Etsy existed. Or maybe it didn't even exist then? I'm not sure on that one, and since I am easily distracted and do want to get this post written yet tonight (preferably before tonight's special Thursday edition of Dateline comes on!).

Hey, there's a hippie flower hiding back there. They're getting harder to spot as I add more elements!

The pinks one on top with the crystal brad are prima, hand-dyed. The little butterfly was from a die-cut border that I fussy cut.

Oh, yeah. And drink. {Inside joke with anyone who has read my "Love Story" post ;)

Okay, moving past the rolled roses (shove all those empty tequila bottles out of the way). These rolled fabric flowers were made of scrap material that I dyed with food coloring. Then I twisted the fabric and spiraled it around on itself, using a punched circle as a back that I hot-glued periodically to keep it from unraveling. They just didn't look finished to me, so I added some centers. I thought the green one with the round cloisonné bead was so pretty.

I ran a glue stick over this little chipboard flourish and added some glitter...only to end up with a picture that looks like I should be the "before" model on the next Head and Shoulders commercial. Something to remember--don't glitter near your hair!

And here you see the four-hundred-niney-sixth angle of a rolled rose. Have I mentioned I love them?
{okay, I'll stop!}

Remember how I said I thought the green rolled fabric was so cute with its cloisonné center? So cute I pictured it twice, apparently. But, from this angle you can see the cardboard circle I used, which was recycled from some packaging material. I really didn't mean to feature said circle, and now I really want to pull out my scrapbooks, find this page, and remove this eyesore. I loved this picture right away. Now all I can see is that cardboard monstrosity.

Remember what? I didn't journal anything, of course, because this is an older page. I already forgot where and when this picture was taken. That is my biggest advice to any new scrapper. Journal your little hearts out, because that's what scrapbooking is really all about. 

(Well, that and beautiful flowers :)

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