A Little Birdie Told Me

Good morning! The last few days I've been in the midst of a fibro flare-up, which means just touching my skin is painful. My muscles are super-sore, like I ran a marathon or fought a bull or something, and my energy level is bottomed out. I've been working so hard on my Etsy shop, which isn't even physically hard work, and yet it leaves me exhausted! So, I took yesterday "off" and caught up on things I needed to do on my laptop, like post my backlog of scrapbook pages.

{the perfectionist in me NEEDS to post everything I've done up to this point before I can post a new layout...it's just the way my annoying brain works}. So, there is that small bright spot: I've shortened my to-do list, so I'm that much closer to being able to work on new projects.

In this layout of my gorgeous niece, Adeline, I may have overdone it with the puff paint, but when you start squiggling it's hard to stop! And it was only after I was done that I realized I didn't journal what the little birdie told me...so now I'll forever look at this page and wonder just what the little birdie was trying to say. But it kind of works with this portrait of Addy...her intense, serious gaze holds a lot of wonder...what does she see in this world? What was she thinking? Only the little birdie knows, I suppose.

If you're going pink, you might as well go for bling. And when the bling is pink? Nuff said! I love the shape of this one; it reminds me a bit of a crown.

I had to have these black metal birds the moment I saw them. I love metal embellishments, and I have a penchant for birds especially. This one looks happy as it looks at Addy--just perfect. The flower was made from two scalloped circle punches that I snipped at every indentation, centered with one of my absolute favorite flowers--the rolled roses. 

I kind of love these black flourish pieces. They are so 3-D, and of course black is so striking as an accent thrown in here and there. And the fabric covered button adds that girly, vintage touch that anchors the squiggles. I have inks of every color so I can do the inking like I did above, adding just a bit of a color a few shades darker than the paper piece. It adds a little depth and is one of those details you might not consciously notice but makes the page more cohesive.

So, another layout of the lovely Adeline is up, and she will probably not be seen that much more, now that I have 8.934 million pictures of Zae that need attention! {I'm sure she'll pop up here and there...} For now, though, there is a day ahead of me and I'm not yet sure if it's going to be as bad as this weekend as of yet. I need to work through the morning aches and pains first and see if they dissipate or linger! Cross your fingers for me that it's the former...

Have a happy Monday :)

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