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Good morning, y'all. I recently had a comment about the layout on my About page and realized I've never actually posted the pictures, so I had to get on here and get to it, because this is one of my favorite pages. It's actually one of the first pages I made that really felt like I was creating something that looked like what I envisioned in my head.

The other reason I love this page? The photos, of course. Also on my About page is a little about my maternal grandparents (at the very bottom, if you want to skip ahead). They had a wonderful love story and amazing lives, raising nine children. My grandpa died of leukemia in 1998, and my grandma died in 2009, just a few months before my dad died. That was a tough year. But, let's not talk about sad stuff. Right now, I want to remember them in happy times, and this page is all about celebrating that.

It's so strange to look at these photos and think that my grandma was half of my age at the time she married at only 17. It was wartime, and that's what people did. Thank God, my grandpa made it home, because so many did not {wow, am I just determined to talk about depressing stuff today?}.

Let's move on to roses. Because if you've read the blog, or saw my Google+ background, you know I love my rolled roses. I made a ton of them when I was recovering from a spinal fusion. That was a hard time. A hard year. That spring I had the fusion, that fall I had a D&C. 

{SERIOUSLY...what is up with this? I keep talking about bleak days...maybe I just have to get it over with and write about my dad...this time of year is really hard...stay tuned because I will probably have some explaining to do before Father's Day this Sunday} 

Okay, banning all sad topics, and moving on. 

My mom has a whole stash of buttons that she's saved throughout her life. I loved this little heart button--it was perfect for this page's love theme!--and it brings a little of my mom into the page about her parents.

That's what is so great about scrapbooking (as I say in probably every other {oh I hope it's not every} post)...those little details that mean so much to us and have little stories that evoke memories. What I should do is journal that little tidbit so that my kids know that story, too.

As I've probably also said in almost every post...I have had a long road to learning how to journal along with my photos. And that is such an important part of scrapbooking. Remember, though, this was an early page, and it was pages like this, that lack those little stories, that made me realize what my pages so sorely needed.

I' kind of proud of this little detail. I found this little drawing on a sheet of paper I didn't really care for as a whole, but when I cut it up I had lots of little pieces to use. Like these two fruits. I put my grandparents' names on them and decided how I was going to incorporate them.

What I ended up doing, since my background paper was two-sided, was to cut across and curl the corners back. I glued the fruit paper underneath and layered another piece of 12"x12" paper over the whole thing so the back looked nice and neat. And voila: an almost free unique little detail.

I fell in love with these metal flower brads and had to have them. You know that sheet of paper I used for the backing, above? To let it shine, I turned back the corner of the front page and secured it with the brad. I love that it's two polka dots papers facing off for polka dot props. I added a little bling because anytime you can add a little bling, you should probably do it, right?

And another shot of my beloved roses...should we do shots every time we see a "shot" of roses? {probably not...we'd have liver disease before the month was up}





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