Making Memories to Last a Lifetime

Once upon a time, during a beautiful childhood, I had a horse named Merlin. I rode her every day. Worked with her on every aspect of horsemanship. We mainly rode in gaming events like barrel racing, but I am a gemini, and I like to dip my toes into everything. Jack of all trades, master of none. But we had fun. I loved jumping, and my game horse was pretty good at it! She might not have had the prettiest lines, but jumping (versus hunter jumping) is about time, and she was fast and turned on a dime thanks to our rodeo background.

I am going to segue into a story about my childhood here, because this is more than a blog about looking at beautiful papers and elements. This is a story for Zae, and the stories I want him to know about our lives.

When I was a girl, I had a passion for horses that didn't just border on the obsessive; it shot right through the roof and disappeared into the sky...or something that implies an astronomical amount.  The "normal" girls my age had posters of the Backstreet Boys on their walls. I showcased horse breeds.

However, my dad was a pilot and my mom stayed at home until we were older, when she worked as a secretary at the school. We didn't have a ton of extra money. They bought my horse for $500. We joined a 4-H club that centered around horses. We competed against people that had horses that cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Some of them had expensive instructors. Some sent their horses south to world-class trainers. Yet, my horse and I competed, and won a state trip where we placed. And I believe it was all because of love. Of course, we would never make it to the olympics, but we competed beyond

Back then I imagined my life to always include horses. Sometimes, though, life jus isn't fair, and I can't ride any more due to back injury. I look forward to seeing my kids taking riding lessons, though, and I hope they have the same passion I did. My parents must have loved it. Instead of asking to stay out late, I was voluntarily coming home early so I could get things ready for the next day's show. Trouble? Nope, not this girl :)

{I'm sure my mom might disagree and come up with a few instances, but as far as teens go, even she agrees her girls were pretty easy!}

I love spiral roses {in case you hadn't heard. like my mom, I do tend to go on...and on}. I usually fold over the edges, but on these cards tock versions I left the edges raw. It's not as realistic-looking, if you will, but since we're dealing with paper here, I doubt any of you are questioning if any of the flowers on these pages are real. {they're not}

**Oh, and if you follow along on the blog,  drink. 

{maybe I should write a disclaimer...I am not responsible for alcohol poisoning or cirrhosis of the liver due to the astronomical amount of rolled roses I have on my blog. seriously and facetiously)

Alright, now that we've talked about liver disease, let's talk about bling. I added a few touches of bling here and there. I especially like cutting them up and making my own shapes and designs, and adding touches here and there where it might be a surprise. You can pull off two different looks--accent or focal point centerpiece.

For this page, I used my own "bling" as a centerpiece, so I chopped up one of those swirly flourishes and accented my journal spot. I like the way they pick up the spots of red flowers around the jump in the picture. It's little things like those kinds of details that create a sense of cohesion that we may not consciously notice, but our eyes automatically notice.

The journal spot was from a punch. I cut out my own version, slightly larger, in the floral brown paper and attached them with 3-D foam tape. I like the affect it gives versus using just the tag on its own. It is more finished and polished looking. 

I wanted to show another hippie flower the flourish that I made. I fussy cut a swirly shape, plunked on two monochrome faceted gem thingies {technical term}. I applied some glue and sprinkled with monochrome brown glitter.

I won't make you drink again, even though those two spiral roses are staring at us so blatantly. {I won't insist - but you totally can if you want} I'd like to draw our blurry focus to the center flower, which I made from a fabric softener sheet when I just didn't have anything else. I made the hippie flower, of course, and the roses, too.

I don't make my as many of my own flowers as I used to, but I always adore them when I do. I love the little bead I found in my jewelry stash to use as the center. I echoed the copper color with a little glitter along the edges. The roses got a little dusting, too. {that darn glitter fairy likes to keep going once she gets going...sometimes she pushes it a little too far, but she works for free so what do you do?}

So, another layout from my archive posted. I'm really getting down there, finally. Part of me is thinking I should have just started fresh and posted only new layouts...but I just can't ignore all these layouts that I worked so hard on!

So, I had better go get another one done...

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