Mr. 67

So, the other day I posted three layouts--two of my niece, Adeline, and one of my sister as a girl. Today I thought I'd better give some love to my love, Mr. 67.

I've mentioned before that I just love a county fair. I go to every fair for every county around me. My favorite part is looking at the photography and art entries, which is what I enter {along with my scrapbook pages and cards, of course}. Due to health issues, I haven't entered in the last couple years, but I fully intend to this year, health permitting. {after all, I have a willing new model in my life!}

So what does the county fair have to do with this layout? If you read the journal spot, you already know I entered this photo in the fair back in 2013. That was the last time I entered. It can be really scary how fast three years can zip past... That fall we went out to Virginia to stay the winter with my sister and her family in our camper. When we returned to Minnesota, we stayed in the camper on my husband's family farm for several more months that summer and fall. We probably would have kept right on staying in it if Minnesota had milder winters.

While a camper wasn't ideal to work on craft projects, but I actually loved the year we spent living {with four cats, btw} in our camper. It was a much simpler life. You have to really find out what you NEED in your life, and the rest is just superfluous. The only thing I really missed was my comfy chair and my craft stuff.

Needless to say, I didn't get any scrapbooking done that year. However, I did take lots of pictures, and this was one of them. So, now that I've blathered on, let me get to the rest of these photos.

I layered a couple of crochet flowers together with a brad to make this pretty flower. If you've seen many of my pages, you know I tend toward the girly, so I tried to make this one at the very least not pink. It may not be exactly "masculine," but I think it has a bit of a vintage feel that works with the B&W photo and the fedora, which evokes early-middle twentieth century.

I used a bird charm like this on "A Little Birdie Told Me" and I just love them. I think I say that a lot...but I do love all the cute bird stuff floating around in the scrap world. I used a corner punch here, too, and totally missed the corner, but imperfection is my perfection. In other words, perfectly imperfect!

Speaking of perfect imperfections, my Mr. 67 is that. No, he isn't perfect, but he is perfectly imperfect. We've been together since high school...I met him at the end of my junior year. Seventeen years. How. Did. That. Happen? Sometimes I dream I'm back in high school {and I always have lost my locker combination, my schedule, or my books or homework}. I wake up and, with a HUGE sigh of relief, realize it's been over half of my lifetime {and the scars still remain, apparently}.

Maybe I would have had more luck with a masculine feel if I hadn't added flowers and glitter. Just a guess. On the other hand, Mr. 67 has a green thumb and does better with our flower garden than I do. Plus, he worked as a merchandiser for a flower distributer many years ago. So, maybe flowers are the perfect addition. We'll go with that theory, anyway. I totally planned it that way ;)

Life is good when your chore list includes "post on blog." Check. Done! Now, let's see if the rest of the things on the list get done... {I'm not feeling super-hopeful}

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