Natural Beauty

If you've perused much of my blog, you will see I love to scrap my lovely niece, Adeline. I only get to see her about once a year, so I guess my way of showing my love is to make a space in my scrapbooks so I can have her all year long.

I wanted to do something fun, girly, and bright for this snap, because she was running around in this golden light on the second evening after we'd come to visit, and it was a beautiful memory. Have I mentioned that I love scrapbooking for this reason? {that's rhetorical--the answer is YES A MILLION TIMES} Seriously, though, I love matching the page to the memory...picking out the colors that waver through the memories our photographs capture. It's art, I tell ya!

For this layout I used one of my handmade "lollipop" flowers with a vintage button center, combined with a hand-dyed paper flower and some die cuts. 

I especially loved this little bird holding the flower on this cute branch.

I also did some machine stitching, which is my favorite way to bring in the details and add a little whimsical texture. You can barely see the darker green inking around the green frame mat, but even though you might not perceive that it's there, I think your subconscious appreciates the depth it adds.

Lastly, I used this cute little wooden dragonfly that I found somewhere that wasn't scrapbook related, but for the life of me I can't remember where. But it was thin enough and light enough that it worked perfectly for this bright and colorful layout.

I'm still working on a backlog of page photos...and slowly getting them up here. I haven't hardly scrapped at all since starting this blog, working on inventory including my scrapbook kits and handmade flowers, and getting my Etsy store set up, but I did recently get around to scrapping my prom pictures {yeah...only 16 years late!}, so I would guess I'll have those two pages, which work together to be one two-page layout, sometime this month. That sounds crazy to say it might take me that long, but I've come to realize how much time it takes to do a million little things {while also caring for an 8 month-old!}, so I'm just being realistic.

Here's hoping you all are finding the time to do the things you love :)

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