Seattle Ferry

This simple layout is a picture from my childhood, riding on one of the infamous ferries on a visit to Seattle to see my mom's sister and her family in Tacoma. I don't remember the trip, but I have always loved this picture.

I love the feathery orange Prima bloom. The color was perfect next to the turquoise. Orange and turquoise is one of my favorite combos. Orange and blue are complementary colors (like red and green, and purple and yellow). Complementary colors look great together, so if you struggle to make color combinations, you can always stick with these pairings to create a striking page. You will also see the most contrast with these kinds of pairings, because the colors are opposite each other on the color wheel.

There are other ways of pairing colors, as well. There are certain "rules" to follow to have the best results, but when it comes down to it, you can do what you want. It's your world, as the infamous Bob Ross would say.

Instead of relying on the "rules," trust your gut. If you think it looks good, it does! Beauty is subjective, and even if you follow the so-called rules, you will always find people who dislike certain colors or combinations. Unless you are doing a scrapbook for someone else, choose your colors by how you feel about them. Remember, colors also evoke emotion. Think about what your photograph is trying to say. What story are you trying to tell? Feel out the memories evoked by your photo.

I had a few pieces of 12x12" paper that looked like notebook paper. Instead of using it for a background I cut into lots of little pieces. Now I have lots of vintage-notebook style journal spots. Never be afraid to use what you already have for purposes other than it was intended.

My mulit-talented mom made this beautiful crocheted flower. It works so perfectly on this kind of vintage-retro style. I just love the fact that it is 100% unique. I love that I won't see any other layouts with this element on it. And besides being unique, it was made by my mom's own two hands.

That's worth scrapping about :)

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  1. Hi Carrie!
    I love this layout! I'm writing a blogpost for a new website about using crochet flowers in scrapbook layout and I would love to use your layout as an example. Would you please give permission to me to use your photos? You will, of course, get full credit and I will link to your website.
    Looking forward to hear from you!


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