Winnebago Valley

When I was a teen, my family lived in a beautiful meandering valley, on a farm with 180 acres where my sister and I rode our horses like wild women. We were true country girls. So what better place to take my freshman photos than the old horse barn on the property?

Now, you may have read about how terrible I am at journaling in my scrap pages if you've meandered through the blog, but I think I won on this page! In fact, this page sports my very favorite journaling spots I've made to date.

Let me take you on a tour d'page...

The first of the journal spots I made from a punch and a fussy cut mat just a tad bit larger than the tag. I layered them together with foam tape to give it some depth. The tag itself is made of a sort of distressed paper, to which I added little silver ink dots around the edge. You'll also notice some of my favorite handmade flowers, the rolled spiral roses. The butterfly was a magnet which I borrowed {forever} from my fridge.

In my post "Wonder" I explained how I made the beaded center of one of my flowers. The center of this fabric sheet flower is almost exactly the same, except I used two of the bead caps, one on both the top and the bottom, for this one bloom. The gold of the center ties in with the butterfly and the cloisonné heart below, nestled among the roses.

Also notice the gorgeous ribbon border that is almost lost beneath them. It's so gorgeous and frilly, and I love how all these elements play against the rustic barn. I would half expect to step into the barn and find Turkish carpets and chandeliers with crushed velvet chairs.

Here's another shot of my fabric sheet flower. I used feathers in place of leaves, which was a sort of unexpected fun detail.

Lastly, that journaling I was talking about. I used thin strips of white paper cut into small chunks, then layered them over some patterned paper. Then, I used 3-D foam tape to give them height. I made them different sizes and staggered them along the left side. I don't know what it is about these little journal spots--maybe it's that I so rarely remember to add journal spots to my pages that I'm overly impressed with myself. Whatever it is, I just love how they turned out.

On that self-ego-inflating note, I'll wrap this up. Until next time =)

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