For this layout of Miss Adeline {my niece} as a baby a few years ago, I used nothing but handmade flowers. It was fun to let my creativity free, but it's far more time consuming than purchasing some ready-made blooms from the craft store {or even better, some handmade blooms from Etsy!} 

Still, no pre-fab blooms from any craft store can capture the whimsy of handmade rolled roses! I love these handmade spiral roses like no other. My Google+ profile pic is {at least at the time of this writing} a picture of my horde of roses. They just look so gorrrrgeous. My favorite versions are these that you fold over before rolling, versus having the raw edges up. I love both, but I think these are a little more shabby-chic, which fits with my aesthetic. A fellow scrapper taught me how to make them, but I am sure there are tutorials out there on the net. If you're interested in making them and can't find one, just let me know and I'll make up a tutorial.

Anyway, on to more pics! This one has a bunch because there are lots of little elements and details and I didn't want to miss any of them, so I'll try and keep my chatter to a minimum {that's wishful thinking...}.

You can see my punched butterfly, too...not very fancy, I'm afraid. I haven't had much success punching my own butterflies, but they are definitely cost-effective. 

I absolutely love chipboard. It adds dimension, and in this case a beautiful pattern and a pretty green color that makes me think vintage. The journaling is a little corny, but at least I made an effort (I have a hard time remembering to journal for some reason). I love the layers of the patterned papers. 

This little glitter bear was a Christmas wrap charm, but if you're anything like me...if it can work in a scrapbook, it goes in the scrapbook :)

I punched out this polka dot paper and uses some of my beading supplies to make the center. They turned out kinda cute, and since I haven't beaded in forever, it's a great way to use up some my findings and supplies. What I used for this flower:

  • Head pin
  • Round bead (I used a small glittery golden bead that matches my head pin for a cohesive look)
  • Bead cap
That's it for a great custom flower center! You don't even need to have a punch, because a freehand flower will probably look even better (no two flowers in real life are the same, so creating a realistic look with punches is actually more difficult than hand-cutting, it's just faster).

I punched a paper lace piece and went over it with glitter, then tucked it under this corner fold so it looks like a bit of lace on an old-fashioned lady's cuff or neck. I held the folded corner open with a flower brad, which reminds me a bit of a cuff-link. 

Continuing with a subtle clothing theme, I used some hemp twine and a hold punch to lace up this "tear"" in my paper and laced it up like a ladies'  boot.

I tucked a bit of lace beneath the top of the laced area, kind of like a fancy stocking peeking over a boot.

Here is a view of a couple more handmade flowers. They were both made using scalloped punches which I snipped to create petals. You can vary the sizes of the petals by snipping at either every  The top one was made with two varying sizes, while the bottom was made with just one and layered with a punched flower. I thin the center is a vintage rose button from my mom's stash.

From this angle you can see the pretty layers of the varying textures of mesh and flowers and the chipboard border piece.

This page was all about layering, distressing, and stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to get creative instead of relying on store-bought, and while it's not in my top ten favorites, it's in the top twenty :)

So, I mentioned in the last post that I was going to try and get to one more post, but they really take a lot longer than you might think, so now I better get myself on up to my pillow before it gets any later. Night all!

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