You Shine, My Boy: A Blue 'n Brown Layout With Burnt Edge Flowers

For those of you who are first time readers to put this page into context, if you will, when I was still pregnant with my son last summer, I began making lots of scrapbook pages without photos in them, without knowing if I was having a boy or a girl. Most of them ended up being pink. I thought I was having a girl. I could not even picture having a boy. Everyone else thought it was going to be a girl, too. I all but bought pink crib sheets. As it turned out, I got exactly what my heart needed. The surprise made it all the more sweet.
Before I get to the layout, I want to talk about the decision to wait to learn the sex of our baby, because, ultimately, this is Zae's story, not just a scrapbooking blog. As a gemini, I have always been able to see both sides of an issue. Great for debate, not so great for decision-making. I could be here tomorrow deciding what color font to use, because there are aspects to consider on all fronts. Point being, I saw both sides. I understand the planning aspect. And I expect you would have a different sort of bond with your baby if you could say boy or girl instead of "it."

Ultimately, though, I am so glad we waited to find out! Nothing in the world could compare to the moment I heard the answer to that nine-month question. The moment your baby cries is so amazing. The second-most incredible sound is hearing "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" The surprise of hearing "boy" when you anticipated "girl" is comical, now that I look back. But the moment I saw him, I knew everything was right with the world. Everyone has their own reasons for making the choices they do, but if you're on the fence, just know that I don't think you will someday regret the decision to wait. But you might regret not waiting after it's all said and done.

I loved this paper for a boy, and I think when I was power-scrapping I was actually going through the nesting phase of the end of pregnancy. But instead of cleaning my house to get ready for baby, I made scrapbook pages as fast as I could. Like this one, they are short on creativity, but I wanted to share this one because I wanted to pay homage to these fabric blooms.

I made these flowers with a bit of scrap fabric, a few brads, and a stick lighter (the kind you use for candles or the grill so you won't burn your fingers). They were super easy, and you could do a ton of different styles using this technique. Just start out with a few circles of fabric in varying sizes. They don't have to be neat because as soon as you have them cut out, you just run the edges along the flame and they curl up with this fantastic peony-like texture. I haven't done it, yet, but I would love to do these in pink and red {good thing I have a niece!}.

I pieced together these other flowers using some Recollections botanicals and then apparently used one of every kind of flower center I have. {shh, don't tell Mr. 67 but I probably have a few more than that}

I did some inking, and then called it a day with some chipboard words, a 3D butterfly, and a crystal flourish. And I just can't find any more words tonight. And really, there isn't much more to say because this really qualifies as a "quick page" and so it follows logic that there isn't as much to say. And I guess that's what you get when you slap a few elements on a page and call it done. Don't get me's a perfectly serviceable page, but when it comes to taking a page to the next level, it's all about the details.

And I suppose when it comes to whether or not those details get done, it has a lot to do with time. So when you have a ton of photos to do what you have to do to get it done.

{Can I call this post good enough? I'm beat today. I had too much sun yesterday. It was in the high 90s and I didn't drink enough water and ended up vomiting and dehydrated. I can? Thank you! Good night!}

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