A Day With Zae: 9 Months

Dear Zae,

You're nine months old now, and you are so fun. You make every day seem new and exciting when I look at it through your eyes.

You love grass and being outside.
Every day you learn something new. You've also gotten a bit of a temper as you try and get your way (but mama doesn't let you get away with too much). It's been a challenge at the changing table, mostly. Those little feet start kicking and you get mad! Other than that, you are so sweet and loving, so happy and smiley...these days are so precious.

I look at you sleeping and my heart almost hurts from the love I have for you. You breathe easily, knowing I am watching over you. I will do everything in my power to let you grow up innocent and enjoy every moment of your childhood.

This is your "I'm teething, leave me alone" face.
Writing these posts is getting more difficult. For one, it seems like I just did your 8 month check-in, and now I'm scrambling to get this written before you get too far into 10 months. For another, my heart is so sensitive, it hurts a little to think that this time has passed and we will never have it back. That is your grandpa in me. He too was a sensitive soul. He is the other reason there is always a little cloud between the sun and me. It hurts to think that you will never know him. You will never get to experience his booming laugh, or his silly jokes, or hear stories of life as a hippie back in the time of Love and Peace.

Still teething. Enough with the camera.

You had a rough patch in early July when you had FOUR teeth coming in at once, the top and bottoms on either side of your middle two. You are always so happy, and I just knew you were miserable. You woke up during the night with a fever, crying and just plain hurting and I couldn't do anything and it broke my heart for you!

You went camping for the first time.
We went camping on an absolutely gorgeous day. It rained that night, but the entire evening was beautiful, with a cool breeze that stirred up the aspens along the field. It was magical, and you were so good. You were a little scared of the camper right away, so we didn't camp the first time we visited. But the next time we had a jumper, a playpen, and of course Nana's basket of your favorite toy trucks, so enjoyed yourself. 

Daddy came home for a visit and I caught his sweetest affection...

Still saying mama and baba like last month...still no dada! Daddy has been gone this last week for work, so maybe when he gets home next week...

Such a good sleeper.
You have always been so good about going to sleep, but this month saw you testing me at bedtime. We have to go past the front door to get upstairs, and every time you get excited and then crushed when we turn upstairs instead of going outside. But even this test is little more than crying as I put you down and until I leave the room. Maybe for another minute or two, then you grab your nearest fuzzy thing and turn your head to the side and you're gone to dreamland.

Riverfest over the 4th.

Showing love for Nana

Mr. Busy
Pausing to Smell the Flowers

Hats are for taking off

Loving to Smile!
Happy Camper
Sweet Baby Hand
Rather play with the stroller than most anything else.

Making a Breeze...This Boy Love His Daddy!
This month has been wonderful. You are growing into such a little person with such a big personality. You're smart, and even funny; you know how to make me laugh. You are so silly (I think I say this to you at least two dozen times a day). I want to freeze this time, but I look forward to all the memories we have yet to make, and to the person you are becoming. 

Never lose that precious smile!

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