A Day With Zae: 10 Months

I am so behind this month. I've had a few health issues, doctor's appointments, physical therapy, a family reunion two states away--that I insisted on going to for my mom's sake even though I felt like death--and I ended up sleeping almost all of that trip in my mom's cousin's guest room...but at least my mom got to party it up with her cousins {which means staying up until 9:30 playing board games}.

I also had carpal tunnel surgery, which is slowly healing. But worse than any of that was the death of my beloved Woolly. It's hard to make it through the day without breaking down into blubbering mess. And I take no shame in that. I loved that cat. He loved me, and we had something special that only a cat person can understand. But...this post is about Zae...

My sweet Zae,

You have become such a little person with such a big personality. You are a talker! You're constantly babbling. Your favorite phrase is "bikka bikka bikka" - which I have no idea what this means, but if I say it, you say it right back. You know lots of words (though you can't say them yet, of course). If I ask you for your baba after you're done eating, you find it and hand it to me. It's so cute! You can go get your ball when I ask. You know what your truck is (your favorite toy) and you figured out how to push it across the floor, and over the coffee table, and well, anywhere is fair game. You love anything with wheels or moving parts. The intensity of which you study things is so fun to watch.

Daddy was gone for work most of this month. You were so happy to see him again! As you can see from the picture, you couldn't get close enough to him once he was home! You and your daddy sure have a special bond. He takes you out almost every single day, to the park, to the library, grocery shopping. He just loves being a daddy! And you love going on "adventures" together, wherever it may be, as long as you are together.

We lost your favorite playmate, Woolly, at the end of August (technically after you turned 11 months), but this was the last picture I took of the two of you together. I called Woolly my grumpy old man, but he really wasn't. I only called him that because he growled (never heard him do that before!) at your Aunt Sarah every time she petted him! It was so strange. She loves cats (at one point I believe they had 12 running around the garage), but for some reason he just did not like her petting him. So that's how he got that nickname, but, for a grumpy old cat who was rarely around kids (and ran away from them when he was), he became your buddy, tolerating the fur-pulling with the patience of a grandpa. We miss you, Woolly.

Solid foods are slow-going for you. Your pediatrician says to let you go at your own pace and you're fine. You eat pureed foods just fine, but anything chunky made you gag for months. This month has seen you eating little baby snacks like a pro. You weren't as thrilled with the banana. You looked rather unimpressed.

You love your before-bedtime scooter rides with Nana. You know where the scooter key goes and put it away when we come inside. Of course, you also know where it is when we are casually passing by and you reach for it. Nana's a big softie and usually gives in.

You've been using furniture to roam the room on your own two legs for a while, and you're starting to let go here and there, forgetting to hold on for a moment. When I hold you up and ask you if you can stand, you put your arms out to your side and balance for a few moments before falling forward onto me in giggles. When you do fall, you rarely cry. You actually think it's rather funny.

We went on a road trip to Illinois for a family reunion. The road trip was kind of miserable. Five hours of hot and muggy because the air went out in mom's SUV, and I had an ear infection that brought me to the clinic twice. But the reunion was fun, and you got to play at the park and meet some other babies.

I was so proud when everyone asked if you were always "like this", asking if you were always so smiley and talkative to anyone who will listen. I didn't want to brag too much {okay, I probably wanted to}, but I had to tell the truth. You really are "like that" most of the time. You're a laid back little dude and you're really such a good baby. The only time you give me any kind of problem is your royal fits at being forced to get a clean diaper on! 

And of course, you love to be outside. You love to explore, and even if I bring toys, you are always searching your surroundings instead. Here's a few of my favorites from this month:

And of course, when a long day of playing, laughing, and fun...it's time for bed. Goodnight, sweetheart...Mama loves you.

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