Bringing Gorgeous to a Special Custom Project

In my last post, I mentioned how crazy things have been here. What I didn't mention was that my cat, Woolly, was sick. It happened fast. I took him to the vet and they ran tests and it was exactly what I dreaded. Kidney failure. We euthanized him the next day. I loved that cat. He was my constant buddy, and my biggest hindrance in getting anything done helper.

While Woolly was sick, I was contacted by Melissa on Etsy, who requested a custom kit for her wedding album. She sent me a beautiful picture for inspiration. I loved her ivory lace gown and her navy and cornflower blue bouquet. She said her style is something of the traditional mixed with shabby chic and rustic. A woman after my own heart, I think. That is my favorite style! I was pulling out everything blue I had in stock!

The Color Scheme
So I buried myself in creating her a beautiful kit, because I want to have a happy customer, of course, and because it was a perfect distraction from my sadness. The color scheme was a joy to work with. Funnily enough, I had just gravitated toward similar colors to create a new kit for the shop, so when Melissa contacted me I was thrilled to have a reason to pull all those goodies out and find the perfect mix of elements for this blue and cream wedding!

I loved mixing traditional with rustic. You can see the gold juxtaposed by the rustic twine and then mixed with lace and feminine ribbon. 

The mix of products in this kit are a great example of why kits are such a great way to experience a vast array of goodies without having to spend hundreds of dollars. The cost to buy all these products in their full packages is staggering.

Can I just say, mixing burlap and lace is a wonderful thing? I absolutely fell in love with Melissa's vision. There are so many beautiful elements it's a good thing she has 20 pages in need of adornment!

You'll see lots of chipboard pieces and metal embellishments {because, obviously!} along with buttons, die cuts, even handmade flowers. 

One of my favorite elements are the white candelabras on the right. They speak of elegance and add a traditional element that also speaks to the shabby chic style.

I loved this icy blue lace--doesn't it bring to mind a garter?

I love the timepieces, as well. They speak of time together, and hopefully remind us that we only have so much time on this earth, and to spend it with the ones we love, doing what makes us happy.

The metal keys are perfect for this kit, too. They are the keys to the heart :)

From this view you can really see all the colors, from the navy to the cornflower blue, the laces and the taupe accents. 

Don't forget all the tiny little accent flowers and the oodles of buttons!

This photo really shows the scope of how many elements are in this kit! I made a general idea list of what's included. This is by far the largest kit I've made, but that just meant I didn't have to hold back! When I'm making a kit for a page or two, it's easy to go overboard, but only so much can fit onto one 12x12 square.

Can I also say, it's shocking how much time and effort it takes to pull so many products, photograph them, adjust photos for Internet, create listings, write descriptions, then package, label, and mail? Someone was talking to me recently about how I had it so easy, but while I enjoy the work, it is still work. There are hours spent away from my son, neglecting household duties and Mr. 67. That same someone wanted to start a blog because of how easy it is. I'm not one to be discouraging, but I am also realistic, and wanted said friend to realize that they are going to be investing a lot of time and effort into building something from nothing. In the end, that person was all but apologizing for calling me lazy (she didn't say that at all!). Anyway, my point was that it's 3 a.m. and I still have to clean up. Then again....that can wait for tomorrow. Goodnight, all!

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