How to Disappear Off the Face of the Earth {and a Distraction So You Don't Notice}

Firstly, I can't believe it's the middle of August. {Also, because this didn't really fit in anywhere else on topic, I'll be throwing in random pictures of Zae into the first part of this post because I don't really have any photos that scream "Here's all my excuses for not posting yet this month but hopefully some cuteness will distract you."}

This month just snuck up on me and before I even realized it wasn't July anymore, it was halfway through this month and September is looming, waving it's giant orange maple leaf flag while I'm still shaking the sand out of last year's beach bag.

I've pulled a disappearing act for the last few weeks, and I feel bad about it. I could sit here and make excuses for myself, because I have a few of them. Since I last posted, I've had a few health issues. I had a flare-up of fibromyalgia that hasn't hit me this hard for a while. My son quit nursing, which means that favorite aunt is back in the house. {I don't even have a guest room and she's making herself right at home!} Then, while preparing to go to a family reunion five hours away, I had to go into the clinic, already knowing I had an ear infection because I have narrow canals or some wonderful thing like that. It's been a problem in the past, but I started using drying drops religiously after showering and swimming. Then a couple years went by and I forgot the pain and annoyance and pretty soon the drops were in the back of the medicine cabinet and I'm back in the clinic on a beautiful Sunday afternoon when I should be enjoying time with Zae.

So sweet...Zae put his head against Mr. 67's hand
Anyhow, as I said, I've had ear infections in the past, so I knew when I went home without antibiotics that I was going to be back. After waiting the 3 days they told me to wait to give the drops a chance to work, I was back. Feeling lousy and in a lot of pain. Pains in the head are the worst. Ear pain, toothaches, headaches, sore throats, head congestion, you just can't escape from it! You can't readjust your legs just so or stretch to escape a headache.

Okay, so way back when I started this blog I explained a little about fibromyalgia and my spinal fusion and the chronic pain that comes with that, so I also had several doctor's appointments because I felt like I was just reaching my limit of pain in my upper back area. My lower back, where I have the spine fusion, is more of a constant ache, but this upper back stuff was like bone rubbing on bone. I don't want to get much more into all this negative stuff, but I did see a Pain Management and Rehab doctor again, this time for my upper back, and they found a slight curvature and decreased disc height since my last scan. Which isn't surprising but is of course unwelcome. Basically it means there is less cushioning between the vertebrae, which is like riding around in a car with bad shocks.

I was about to get to the actual point of this post, but I almost forgot carpal tunnel. I've thought I've had carpal tunnel for at least three years, but my doctor sort of brushed it off as fibromyalgia pain and that was the end of it. But this pain doctor was so thorough and wanted to help alleviate any of the problems that we can fix. When you have so many little issues it's like your brain is going non-stop getting these pain signals and it gets to the point where you just want to cry, not because you hurt so bad at that particular moment, but because you just hurt, all over, all the time. So, I am getting both wrists fixed, starting on the 30th of this month {which is apparently only like two weeks away, because the month is already half over and I haven't flipped the calendar yet}.

And his hair still looked better than mine.
Using my laptop has become an issue, and writing this post was a five-step process {at last count}, with each step punctuated by lots of hand shaking that had nothing to do with the Rio Olympics {but are you oh my gosh, are you watching? because I was totally doing some fist-pumping-type hand shaking during some of them! my love for the Olympics is only slightly overshadowed by my love for county own little personal Olympics}.

Tomorrow is judging day, so we have to have everything there tomorrow afternoon. I'll post more about the fair later, but speaking of the fair, this pic is from the Olmsted County Fair in Rochester, MN. If you're not familiar with Rochester, it's a city in the middle of Minnesota, bordering on the edge of nowhere. But it is home to the world-famous Mayo Hospital, so it's a very wealthy, diverse city {surrounded by cornfields and Catholics}. It's about an hour away from us, so it's a fun destination to get out of our normal.

Now, the actual point of this post was to share some of the cards I have up on my Etsy shop. Some of them have sold already, because it took me five six sessions to write this post, but I wanted to share them anyway since I put so much time into photographing and uploading and all that.

Next time we talk, I'll have the latest on what's happening at the fair. I'm also due to post A Day With Zae for his 10th month. My little is going to be 11 months old in a few days. Someone hit the rewind button because I want all these precious moments back.

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