A Selfie {From Ancient Times Before There Was a Name For Selfies}

Back when I bought my first digital camera, I took a few pictures of myself to try it out. Can I tell you how embarrassed I was at the idea of anyone finding out what I'd done? Nowadays you see people whipping out their selfie sticks (I'll admit, we have two in our house!) to get the perfect shot, but back when I was in college there was no such thing as a "selfie." {rather, there was no name for it and people didn't do it in public}

I loved looping this black twine around my fingers and then pulling them here and there so the circles weren't all even. The circular shapes are repeated throughout the layout in the flourishes, the die-cut border pieces (you can see a little piece of it sticking out above, as well as the scalloped bit at the bottom). They are all in black, which makes for a sense of cohesion. 

To get this look, I used lots of sparkles and bling, as well as metallic finishes, along with a high-level of contrast. 

I added some puff paint and glitter to this paper flower to add some additional interest {and sparkle, naturally}.

I up-cycled these little branch thingies from my wonderful Tote of Reusable Christmas Gift Decorations. My Aunt Barb is capital-F Famous for her superb Christmas gift wrapping skills. She always goes above and beyond to make you feel special. This was one of the little decorations on one of my gifts several years ago, and I loved being able to use it here.

I thought it was kind of fabulous. I love reusing items like this in my scrapbooks...not only do you get a {usually free!} unique embellishment, you get the extra memory, too!

I was kind of obsessed with leaving my sewing threads long. I never cut them. Then yesterday I was getting so frustrated with a journal spot that I'd sewn and I couldn't figure out the problem until I cut the strings. It was a small liberation! I was free from the strings. I tell ya, I felt like I was cutting some rope that was tying me down or something. A year of therapy in one snip of the scissors. Everything was all right with the world {well, at least with that layout journal spot}.

{now these strings are driving me nuts}

I've lamented my terrible journaling before...hey, I'm trying here!

One of my favorite little pockets of embellishments. I just love these typewriter stickers. 

These polka dot puff stickers are pretty fabulous, too. {pretty much anything made in polka dots gets my vote for fabulousness}

Thanks for looking!

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