Because I'm Happy {Clap Along If You Feel Like Happiness Is the Truth}

My little man got the biggest kick out of the pinwheel from Gramma Lisa. He was just laughing out loud with pure glee. Don't you wish you could put on baby-tinted glasses sometimes, and see the world as a kid again? Childhood is such a magical time. I am so thankful to my parents for providing me with such great memories. I hope I can do as well for this little punkin of mine.

Double polka dots! Mixing prints is so fun. I studied interior design for a while {I was a bit of a major-hopper...I'm sure it has something to do with being a Gemini and having multiple personalities jostling around in my brain}, so it's like getting to play with fabric swatches.

I punched out some scalloped pieces and snipped them toward the middle to make the layered flower.

I always get that Pharrell song, "Happy," in my head whenever I look at this page. {I suppose it could be could be Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" -- I absolutely love that song, but you gotta admit it's about as depressing as a song could be}

...clap along if you feel like a room without a roof...clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth...da da do da da

Poor boy, he never gets a masculine layout. {I solemnly swear that I am up to no good to you now, Zae, that I won't put you in pink layouts when you're 16...omg I can't even imagine you being 16!} For now, it's pearls and lace and pink.

Haven't played the rolled rose drinking game for a while...I think this MAY be the last of the stash I made when I had my last back surgery. Maybe it's fitting since it's Recovery Month. I know two former alcoholics who are celebrating 7 and 3 years this month. I have so much respect for their journeys and courage!

This just screams baby boy, doesn't it? ;)

Get your last glass of wine, mug of Joe, or glass of tea while you can. Have a happy Sunday evening and great week! I'm having carpal tunnel surgery on my second hand on Tuesday, so I'll be missing surfing the scrap-net for a while, but look forward to browsing my blog feed for all the new layouts when I'm back on my feet...or whatever appendage it might be.

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