Happy September! Time For an Autumn Layout

It's almost September!!! I can't believe we are heading toward autumn, and Zae's first birthday in less than three weeks! In honor of my favorite season, I wanted to share this autumn themed layout to get you into the fall mood!

Before Zae came along, I had to content myself with scrapping pictures of my own childhood.{mainly because while I love taking pictures, I have a super hard time being in front of the camera} My dad was an avid photographer, back in the good old days of film, so at least he left me plenty to work with.

Fall was my dad's favorite time of year, and it's my favorite time of the year, too. I love the smell of the fallen leaves, the warm afternoons, the crispy-cool evenings, and fresh apple cider {my hometown is the Apple Capital of Minnesota, so spring is pretty awesome around here, too, when all the orchards are in full bloom!}. September is also Zae's birthday {he is going to be a year old and I am freaking out about that a little -- I didn't know your heart can burst with happiness but also be squeezed by disbelief and a little sadness}.

Being a Gemini, I am a bit of a jack-of-all trades {master of very little}. I get really into something, then one day I am just done and never do it again. My basement is packed with the remnants of my endeavors: 
  • Totes of oil paints and brushes, a giant metal can of turpentine on the shelf, easels leaning against the wall in the corner.
  • Acrylic paints and blank canvases mixed with a few that have strange blobs of color in random places.
  • Yards and yards of gorgeous material because I was into sewing for a month or two.
  • Broken stained glass for mosaics
  • Tools and paint for refinishing furniture {I did 5 dressers in a month then never wanted to see sandpaper again}
  • Stacks of barn wood for stenciling on.
  • Two giant tackle boxes that weigh 40 pounds a piece because they are full of glass beads. 

The metal leaf embellishment came from a sampler package a beading company sent me {because I literally ordered so many beads they sent me free stuff}. I guess the only things I'm truly passionate about and never tire of is photography, scrapbooking, and horses. And Zae ;) 

On the plus side, I was able to dust off that old sewing machine and put it to use scrapbooking. I love the little details added by stitching, though honestly I find it a bit of a pain to haul out the sewing machine every time I want to use it. {daydreaming of a sunlit room with endless drawers and countertops where I can leave it permanently set up...}

I fell in love with this crystal and crochet flower flourish. I had been saving it forever and it worked perfectly for this layout with the colors and the knit, which brings to mind snuggly hats.

This orange flower fell off one of my mother-in-law's fall decorations so instead of the garbage can, I used it here and gave it new life. I am an avid recycler and up-cycler. I can't stand to waste ANYTHING...which means I end up with a drawer full of snippets of ribbon that I'll probably never use {because what do you do with half an inch of ribbon???} 

Incidentally, if you do know what to do with ribbon snippets (lots and lots of ribbon snippets) please do leave me ideas in the comments!

And if you're imagining me right now as a recycling Nazi, you're 100% correct {minus the uniform...and the genocide of millions of innocent people...and the whole Hitler thing...okay maybe Nazi wasn't the exact right word, but if you're offended we're probably not on the same wavelength and you should probably leave before I offend you any further. The rest of you who cracked a smile, the party is still rolling.}

So...awkward segue from recycling snippets of ribbon that should have been tossed into the waste bin to Hitler aside, I am a recycling advocate and I have been known to call my dear husband downstairs to fish out the plastic bottle he left in the bottom of the trash bag. Gotta shower now that you were arm deep in diapers and moldy fridge remnants? Well, bet you'll remember to put the next jug in the recycling bin now, won't you?

{While we're still somewhat on the same-ish subject, I really hope Google doesn't thrust my blog into some weirdo Hitler file...I can just picture the men in the 40's fedoras beneath a single lightbulb in a cavernous vault of files with flagged personages. 

     "Check out this one, Harv," says a man smoking a smoky cigarette, chuckling and hacking as he shoves a file toward the other man's chest.

     The other man chuckles as he reads, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, squinting through the cloud. The ashes fall on a crudely photocopied picture of a scrapbook page.

     "Fronting her secret skinhead life with pretty pictures of scrapbook pages?"     

     "Couldn't be more obvious. Look, she mentions genocide, and Hitler three times. And I know what I'm talking about. I wear a fedora and someday I'll die of lung cancer from all these cigarettes that make me look so smart."

     "I bet if we looked, there'd be swastikas hidden like Easter eggs all over these gorgeous layouts featuring a bold, unique style."

     "Did you just say layouts?"

     "Yeah, I think our narrator is breaking in here--"

Somehow, I ended up talking about Hitler again...but I swear to you, there are no swastikas in any of my work, and my hair is really long!


If you want to do an autumn themed page of your own, check out these kits on my Etsy shop:


Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of your autumn season and adjusting back into the school routine!


Thanks for all your kind comments!