My Buddy: My Creative Sketches August Challenge Scrapbook Layout

This layout was created for the August sketch challenge at My Creative Sketches. Here's the sketch:

I was inspired by this sketch because I have a hard time with titling and journaling my pages. I focus too much on pretty flowers and miss the most important aspects of scrapbooking: telling a story, recording memories, capturing the feeling of the moment behind the images. And since I'm still mourning the loss of "My Buddy" Woolly, I wanted to do something special for him.

I'm one of those people who doesn't connect easily with others. It's kind of hard to admit that, but I've never made friends easily. I was always sooooo shy as a kid, and as an adult I'm still an introvert who is at ease in the presence of animals more than people. So he was really my best friend, and we had a really close bond. I've cried a lot of tears in the last couple of weeks. I dread going into winter without him. 
Winter is always especially hard. I suffer from depression {that's not easy to admit in a public forum like this}. I don't want to feel like I am hiding my true self. Only openness and honesty will keep your soul healthy. And, perhaps if my dad had been more open about his own depression, he would still be with us. 

I only knew my dad as the fun, energetic, laughter-filled and telling silly jokes, self-confident in a room full of people, strong, idol. I saw the happy dad that he was. Because he was happy. At least with me and my sister {which I understand so much more now that I am a mom myself}. But there was also a deep sadness in him that he kept hidden behind a smiling mask. 

When I learned this, after his death when reading his medical records, I was terrified, because I felt that strange, painful sadness in myself. I too put on a happy face to the world, but when I'm alone the sadness sometimes swells up inside me until it hurts. That's the pain he carried, that led to his death. 

Well, I seem to have gotten so far off-topic I don't even know how to segue back to what I was going to talk about. I guess Woolly's death has brought up feelings that seven years haven't eased, so excuse the abrupt transition to...journaling.

The journaling comes from an ad that ran on kids' TV back in the late '80s for My Buddy - a doll marketed at boys. I don't know how well the doll sold to the hordes of little boys eager for a doll instead of the Power Wheels, but, doll or not, their jingle was catchy and defined my childhood watching TV at Gramma's {she had cable!}. Watching it as an adult, I don't quite see why it's stuck in my head for the last 25 years, but nevertheless, that's how Woolly also became known as My Buddy.

And yes, I would sing it to him all the time (not the whole thing, just the last bit: "My buddy and meeeee!") That's just being honest. That's why pets are so awesome. You can do those silly things that you would only do in the presence of a being who loves you no matter what!

{incidentally, I've heard that the My Buddy doll was one of the inspirations for the Chucky movies--which I am not embarrassed to admit scared the bejeezus out of me as a kid. Its 's no wonder My Buddy wasn't seen in the arms of every kid on the street...}

The copper circles came from a bead-supply company sampler that I talked about here.

Also, since the colors are kind of apropos, and since I was talking about my dad, let me just add: 
Kicking off the season was exciting for this Minnesotan Packers fan {try walking into the grocery store on game day wearing green and gold in a sea of purple} I know my Dad was cheering from Heaven with me. {I've been known to watch the games with a picture of my dad sitting on the chair next to me. Wow, saying that sounded so sad...I guess it is, but I feel his presence during the games, so I've never felt sad} 

There is an old theater downtown where they used to play the Packers games on the theater screen. The place has columns of seats with tables on the main floor, below the stadium-style seating up above, and we would order pizza and drink soda {a treat for us} and eat popcorn and cheer like only Packers fans can. 

{And that is how turning a scrapbooking page into a Packers page is done}


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