Perfectly Imperfect

Today I wanted to share a scrapbook layout with a baby theme. I haven't done much with the baby theme. I tend to shy away from themed items because I tend to buy them before I really need them. But when I was pregnant, I knew I was going to do an all-out baby page.

And I really wanted to do something cheerful, since I've been pretty down since my Woolly love passed away a week ago, so working with these colors helped a little {a teeny tiny little little...I miss him so much}.

These letters were so darling, they were the inspiration behind the page. I loved the bright yet pastel shades and couldn't wait to find some papers to play with! I wanted to use lots of little scraps, sort of like a baby quilt. I even sewed each little piece on, and I tend to shy away from those little details because I find them tedious. So, like writing, I can say, I don't so much like sewing as I like having sewn.

I had so much fun with all the different colors and prints on this layout. I don't usually get so colorful and it was really joyful.

Had fun messy stitching on this one, with lots of different stitching patterns. I love that I can be messy...I like the added "handmade" charm, and despite my best efforts, I just can't sew a straight line.

I used some dryer sheets, glitter, and a couple mini brads to make these bright as a rainbow blooms. This layout was all about the joy of finally having a baby of my own, and these bright colors sing of happiness. {Plus I got to release my alter ego: the glitter fairy!}

I don't usually go for stickers. I like to dress up my pages with flowers and ribbons and border pieces without any real thematic cohesion. However...I am in love with these sweet 3D baby stickers. The gingham and polka dot patterns pretty much make me melt.

He really loves his rubber ducky at bath time, too (what kid doesn't?), so this was a cute addition, too.

My mum made the yarn flower. She made it with some funky yarn that changed colors and we thought we'd never find a use for it, but don't the colors seem like they were just made for this layout?

I love that I have pieces of my mom in my pages. I might be the only one that knows that she made that flower, but in many {hopefully many many many} years to come, after she is gone, I'll remember her pride at creating this weirdly colored, terribly crooked little flower.

I'm tearing up a bit, so I moved on to the next picture and BOOM! There's that yarn flower again.

There it is again. I give up. And I've run out of narrative, so here's a couple more shots and then it's off to bed!

Now the only thing I can think to say fingers are crampy.

Until next time :)

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