Black and White and Pink All Over

My cousin's daughter is the sweetest, brightest little thing. She's soulful and beautiful to boot. I can't get enough of her! And she's four and she is plunking puzzle pieces in faster than any of us adults. And she loves her cousin Zae.

And guess what else--I can go as pink as I want! {for some context if you're new here--I have a tendency to scrap my one year old son in pink, because it's what I love, though my last post I finally changed it up and gave him some blue!}

I added some puff paint to the polka dots for some added texture. I had to glue the green paper to the back of the pink mandala paper because it wasn't double sided, but it was fun to choose exactly the paper I wanted, even if it did add an extra step. 

Since I had my own permission to use pink, I went all out with the flowers and the glitter and crystals. I take that back...I could go way more all out when the glitter fairy sprinkles me with her magic dust that makes me unable to stop glittering everything in sight, so this is actually pretty understated, considering.

This little vignette tickles my fancy. I love brackets anyway, and I liked how these little flowers were peeking out from beneath the mat, which as you can see is sloppily stitched just how I love, so it looks good and handmade. Nothing should be perfect in art...perfection is boring. When writing fiction, it is character flaws you deal with when fleshing them out and making them three-dimensional. Perfect characters will always fall flat and fake, because that is not reality! The master of this balance of good and bad, light and dark, good people that may have some bad traits is George R.R. Martin {of Game of Thrones fame--or a Song of Ice and Fire for the readers}. His characters come off as real people who struggle with morality, poor choices, and feelings that may not always be "right." And that's what makes him a master. As good a person I try to be, there are parts of me that I don't like and wish I didn't have, but everyone has that, and it's all about the choices you make, the things you do for others, the love you give. You can choose the light!

Okay, done being philosophical and checking out. Hope you're having a great day. If you're not, pour out your heart to someone, or contact me and pour your heart out to me. I'm a spongy listener :)

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  1. Well, here's another beautifully designed layout! What a precious little girl! The colors you chose look fabulous with her B&W photo.


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