Bubble Trouble (Sunday Night Sketch 02)

I used this week's Sunday Night Sketch and stepped out of my comfort zone, using circle photos, which I have never used before in all these years. I was missing out, because they were so fun to work with. I went a little more minimalist than the sketch, which surprised me, because I usually go for a floral, girly, rustic, shabby style.

I used some puff paint for the title, which looked fine until I spilled some black paint on my "b"...so I tried to make it look like it was intentional. It wasn't. That was just one of my clutzy moments. {ten minutes later, when I was cleaning up, I saw I had giant piece of stick-on border plastered onto my forearm--maybe I should rename the blog the Clutzy Scrapper...hmmmm...} 

My husband calls me a walking disaster, and I can't blame him. Nothing is safe around me: I break stuff. It must be a little joke on me, as my middle name is Ann, which means grace.

I don't usually work on blog posts until after the mini is in bed, but I wanted to share this quick--and now he is staring at me, silently asking why I'm not playing with him. That's my cue! Have a great rest of the week!

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