Kickoff! Sunday Night Sketches: 01

I've been organizing my digital files lately, which means I was completely distracted every time I found one that sparked my interest, so I ended up working on some sketches.

I was watching the Packers game last Sunday and thinking how funny it is that I watch more football than my husband {who is a Detroit "fan" if he had to choose one}. Most football-loving husbands would love to have a wife that didn't try and get him to leave the couch every Sunday, and I married one of three men in the world who doesn't care about sports. {opposites attract?}

My dad and his side of the family are all Packers fans. Hardcore Packers fans. And you know what they say about the Packers: they have the best fans. So to be considered a hardcore Packers fan pretty much means you're bordering on insanity {filling the stadium in below-zero winter weather, while wearing a wedge of cheese on your head, you have to be}. So I watched a lot of football growing up, and it was something special I shared with my dad. I loved watching games with him. He wasn't one to wear a cheddar wedge on his head, but he cheered louder than anyone after a touchdown.

So what does that have to do with scrapbook sketches? Nothing. {like I said--bordering on insanity} But it got me thinking about how most of my girl-friends could care less about football, but they might be interested in scrapbook sketches. So, Sunday Night Sketches is born for all the non-football fans. For me...well I'll have the best of both worlds. Have no doubt I'll be scrapping while watching!

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