Sunday Night Sketches 03

Happy Sunday and almost Halloween! My pumpkin is going as a pumpkin this year, because that's what he picked out {that's also what he was last year, when he was just a little 5 week old pumpkin...}. I don't do themed layouts well, so no Halloween sketch. This week I had two wallet sized photos I wanted to use, so that was the driving factor behind this sketch. I've been very into mixed media lately, having all kinds of fun with sprays and paints, so this sketch is geared toward using those mediums.

Through trial and many errors, I've learned that I really need to work from a sketch when I use wet materials, because they are easy to mess up {at least for this klutz}. I've also learned that when I don't work from a sketch one of two things happen {or both}: my original vision gets away from me and I end up unhappy with what I've created, or if I do get there in the end, it takes a lot longer. {a LOT longer, as I'm constantly moving things around trying to find the right spot} This project has increased my productivity level {well, in regards to scrapping...I'm still working on a magic fix for laundry--if you have one, let me know}

I'll be posting my layout in a couple days, so check back soon {make sure to hit the follow button that I finally have on my sidebar or enter your email for updates right to your inbox}

Oh, and my hands are finally getting back to normal after carpal tunnel surgery, so I've had my camera out and snapped a couple pics of Zae trying on Daddy's hat, so enjoy some baby joy before you leave :)


  1. Such a neat idea to create a sketch and then scrap a page with it. Anxious to see your completed layout! And as always, those fabulous photos of Zae are absolutely adorable! What a cute little boy!

    1. Thanks Lisa! You implanted a seed in my brain when you mentioned the challenges on am working on a little something fun! :)


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