Be True 2 You - Sketch 03 Layout

As promised, here's my layout based on Sunday's sketch. I had two wallet sized photos I wanted to use, and since I've been experimenting with mixed media more lately, I wanted to incorporate that as well, so this layout was born. The other goal I had in mind was NOT to use pink. {so I went with purple instead--ha! a girl can only change so much} 

Before I left my job because of my spinal fusion and FMS, I worked at a clinic right across from Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I used my coupons frequently and developed a huge stash (which is how I was able to open my Etsy shop). 

But nowadays we are living on a single income, and with Zae in the picture we are on a strict budget that doesn't leave much room for elaborate chipboard pieces, cutting machines, and embossing materials. I think of it as a challenge to create something without having to spend a ton. This layout is a prime example of using what you have on hand and still creating something you love. The frayed material was from a dress I purchased in Jamaica {they are REALLY persistent and I have a hard time saying no}. The dress was way too short on my shoulders, but it was a really pretty print so I saved it in a drawer and yesterday I pulled it out and cut out some of the purple and frayed the edges. The beaded ribbon was leftover from THIRTEEN years ago {I am not a hoarder except when it comes to crafting materials!} when my mom and I decorated some lampshades. 

I created this journal spot to match the one in my sketch. It took me about an hour! Next time I'm making a template, because getting the angles just right was a challenge, but it turned out better than I thought it was going to when I was busy snipping and re-snipping {I'll be honest, I had to make three or four versions of some of the pieces to get them to fit just right!} That said, I can't deny I was glowing with pride once I stuck that last piece on there -- sometimes it's the little accomplishments! What can I say? I'm easily amused!

I cut out the "2" and let the glitter fairy run wild. The blue flower is one I made using Prima and Recollections botanicals. I bought the stamens from the wedding aisle of Hobby Lobby. The nice thing about the botanicals pieces is that they already have a hole in the center, but if they don't just use a small punch. If you don't have a small hole punch, use a piece of foam (like the backing that brads are packed on) and use something sharp (I've used all kinds of things, even the inside of a pen) to pierce through the paper and into the foam. Then, take your stamens and fold them in half over a paperclip with one side unbent and use that to thread the stamens through the hole. Use the adhesive of your choice and done.


  1. WOW! Beautiful layout Carrie! Purple is my most favorite color so this one really makes my heart skip a beat! Zae, as always, is too adorable for words! I love this sketch design very much! Thanks for sharing your beautiful boy and your beautiful talent with us! Lisa : )

    1. Thank you Lisa, as ever, for your encouraging support and sweetest comments!


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