Us: CSI Case File #218

blue and yellow scrapbook page layout handmade flowers

I'm back again today to post the second of my entries for the CSI case files in November.

Here's the case file:

  • navy blue
  • seafoam green
  • bright white
  • teal green
  • yellow

The colors are gorgeous, and I had just made a batch of new flowers that worked perfectly. The teal color was a little more vivid before my "happy accident" (see below), but you can still see it peeking through.


  • Leaves
  • Hearts: This heart was a layered chipboard sticker with yellow and blue patterns and a yellow crystal in the middle. It actually matched as far as color, but it just felt off, so I heat embossed it and added some puff paint to the top, sprinkled on a little embossing powder, hit it with the heat gun.
  • Dots: I used puff paint on my chipboard piece and dotted it all over, then puffed it up and set it with my heat gun: it makes for interesting texture
  • Circles: for the circles I used seed beads, which was a last minute addition because my "circle" sort of disappeared behind my picture and embellishments.


I chose this prompt from Carry on Tuesday
Everyone is born with some special talent.

My journaling is tucked away behind the picture, which comes out and journals about how my dad shaped my passion for writing. He was the one who inspired me when he wrote a story for me and my sister called Nicky Pickpenny. It was about a giant who saved a village by laying down in a ravine to stop a flood. It was written on yellow legal pad, and I loved nothing more than when he took out those pages and read us our own special story. 

This was a joy to create. This is my all time favorite picture. It's faded and worn after all these years. It sat on my bedside table in an awful paper frame for so many years, it was time I preserved it in the scrappy fashion.

This one is done in true Bob Ross fashion: happy accidents. There are no mistakes, just happy accidents...

I had been heat embossing the chipboard pieces right beside the paper I had just watercolored and of course, I left the jar of embossing powder open so it was an accident waiting to happen. And it did. I am the Walking Disaster after all. That, along with Max Flame, are my husband's nicknames for me. Max Flame because for years that is how I cooked: on high, until it was almost {mostly} burned. That's how you know it's done! {I am happy to say I have since taught myself to cook, and now accomplish more than hockey-puck chicken breasts} 

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Anyway, I ended up just heating embossing the paper because you know I can't waste anything--especially half a jar of embossing powder. Besides, I had put a lot of time into the watercoloring, so I went with it, added a pearlescent wash to blend out the edges of the heat embossed area and presto...happy accident turns into super-shiny smudge that I embrace.

I wanted to feature my own flowers (get yours in my Etsy shop) and a couple from my stash (Michaels, I think). These might be my favorite flowers yet! I love how the dark blue ones turned out especially.

I'm working on getting new items in the shop this week and next--the shelves are getting empty and it's starting to echo in there.

Happy crafting!


  1. What a beautiful, sweet photo, Carrie! The background is so soft and pretty, and the flowers are a wonderful way to frame the photo. It's always hard for me to scrap older photos from the 80's, but you did a great job makign the colors work.

  2. WOW! Carrie, your wonderfully 'happy accident' makes the entire layout look you & your Dad are on clouds in your own little world. I'm sure that's exactly what you felt like sitting on his lap! I love that you call it a 'happy accident' because although I've covered up many a mistake, there have also been many that I quite liked. Great nickname! I gotta remember that one for sure! I absolutely adore the dark blue flowers - they are scrumptious (hee hee). The photo is so touching and you scrapped it wonderfully for safe memory keeping. Way to go!

  3. Such a soft delicate layout. Thanks for joining us at CSI

  4. You are a character!! I had a good laugh over your description of burning things and your happy accident! LOL. I can see why that is your favorite photo. It is priceless. It is a sweet layout!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Elizabeth! I am thrilled to think I made you smile!!!


Thanks for all your kind comments!