Sunday Night Sketch 05 + Layout Reveal (Little Red Rocker)

I finally have my act together...and I'm posting my layout WITH my sketch for the first time since kicking off the Sunday Night Sketches series!

This is one of my favorite little kid pictures, taken by my dad, who always spotted those moments that would make a great photo, like this one of me and my cousin sitting in our little red rockers using the bench of a picnic table as our table.

I had the perfect retro-rustic flowers I made last year sitting in my drawer that I've been waiting to use. They went perfectly with the polka dot burlap. And the rick rack because if you're a child of the '70s or early '80s you probably owned something with rick rack on it at some point. Or many somethings, if you're like my mom.

I usually go all out and fill up every bit of space on my page, but this time I wanted to try doing something on a smaller scale on a larger canvas. To be honest, I still want to put something in that top left corner to counterweight the right side, but I also like the cluster against the open space, so I guess I win either way.

I really loved how this one turned out! Sometimes I don't use my personal "iconic" childhood photos because some part of me feels like I can't do them justice and will mess up my favorite photos. With the digital files today, it's no big deal: reprint if needs be. I know I could scan these and reprint them, but really...I have a ton of other things I could be doing with my time {I tried it once...what a pain!}

I am glad I got an ounce of courage {who'd have thought scrapbooking needed it?}, because I love that this picture is finally memorialized.

Have a great week!

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  1. This is seriously fantastic! It IS very different than you usually scrap, but I LOVE it! Your sketch and you layout are beautifully designed! the colors, the embellishments and that adorable photo! I'm VERY impressed indeed! :)


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