Sunday Night Sketches 06

I almost called the game due to inclement weather: it's been gray and drizzly here, and I have caught the cold Mr. 67 and Zae have had. I haven't even felt good enough to open my laptop. It's also switched viciously fast from being a beautiful, unseasonably warm fall here a twenty degree drop yesterday afternoon, with a wind that bites and seems to herald winter's arrival. {go away, Winter...just go away}.

This layout is all about two things: texture and repetition of elements. It's a departure from my own personal style-- it's clean and simple, counting on the texture and big elements to keep things interesting.

I've been late to the game in implementing texture onto paper with mixed media materials, but I've been drooling long enough. Time to implement some texture.

For a time during my college days {I won't go into details, but I tried out a few majors along the way} I studied interior design, and the theories and ideas used in home decorating can often be translated right onto the page. For instance, repetition, whether it be in color, pattern, shape, or material, provides your unconscious eye a sense of cohesion. The same can be said about balance and visual weight. The arching title and the rainbow arrow are of similar visual weight, and the arrow triangle ties the embellishment above the journal piece. You can do this with anything. Just keep in mind what you're using...if it's triangles, find ways of using triangles to repeat the pattern, keeping in mind scale and visual weight. For instance, a breathy, loopy handwriting is going to look "light" while a condensed, bold font like Impact is going to be visually heavy.

Just some things to keep in mind while you're working. I hope all of you that read this are in good health--we're doing our best to quarantine our germs at home!


  1. You make some really interesting sketches! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. Great sketch, Carrie! I especially like the arches you used to connect different areas on the LO!


Thanks for all your kind comments!