CSI Case File #220: Family Recipe

The new year is looming, but there's still time to get one last case file solved.

This layout was such a joy to create. For one, I love this picture from our last stay in Virginia with my sister and her family before Zae was born (Mr. 67 is behind the lens or it would be complete). 

Secondly, I utilized my new Big Shot (thanks Mr. 67 for the perfect Christmas gift, and to my sweet friend Lisa, who guided me in the right direction!). Beautiful, delicate greens add such a beautiful dimension...this flower addict has only added to her addiction. The die cut word "Together" is a Sizzix die Tim Holtz design. Really gorgeous!

Thirdly, you see these beautiful sea-foam green-blue flowers? A dear heart sent me a box stuffed with beautiful things it made me cry at the generosity, the kindness, the thoughtfulness. I've learned that people who face the most challenges in life are the kindest and most giving people you meet. Perhaps it is understanding, the knowing of the trials in life that shape that kindness of spirit. Thank you, my friend!

You know what else? I started unpacking this box, then I thought, "No, I need to take a picture of this first. So, I held in my excitement for the next day when I had some natural light. I've mentioned my memory issues before {probably?}...sometimes it's enough to wonder at the possibility of having some kind of dementia at 34. 

So, as usual, since I didn't leave a sticky note on the box to say "Hey, don't unpack this until you take a picture, future [idiot] you", the next morning I dug into the box, happy as a clam as I admired each little package of gorgeous flowers. And since I had just spent the better part of a month refurnishing and organizing my scrap room, I was thrilled to find a home for each one. I never did get that picture...

However, this layout features just a tiny sampler portion of what was in the box, so you can get an idea of how lovely they are. 

Oh, and she also sent along some Spellbinders dies to play with! I had been staring at this page for a while (on an off for a couple of days), not quite feeling that it was complete until I thought of this die, and Aha! Used some glitter paper that I never seem to find a use for and--had I not been extra-hurty yesterday--I would have done a little happy dance around the room. 

Isn't scrapping wonderful? For me, it is a therapy you can't buy. You know, I just thought of something...I will have to relay this to Mr. 67. When you factor in the cost of physical therapy (over the last four years, I can tell you it's well into the thousands), scrapping is comparatively inexpensive. Yes...must make sticky note to remind future [idiot] me to point this out to Mr. 67...
Okay, onto the details. Here's the case file from CSI that I used to create this layout. You can see how gorgeous the colors are. Christmastime is always busy, but I knew I had to use these colors, so I've been using my spare moments during Zae's naps and after his bedtime to "work" on this layout.

Besides using all five colors, the requirements are to use three pieces of "evidence" and one of the "testimony" clues to "solve" the case {and I'm done with the quotations now, promise}. 

The evidence I used were stripes (the black and white chevron background is a Basic Grey, the striped mat and the pink and red paper behind it are from the gorgeous Crate Paper DIY Shop Collection), tags, flowers, and leaves

Gingham and hearts were also clues, so I had some really cute gingham hearts I was meaning to use, but they just didn't quite fit...the style was already a little bit modern, a little bit classic, and gingham hearts make me think of cabins or Christmas, which was just asking too much of one layout to take on. Since I already had four of three required clues I left them out. 

I was also planning to do some hand stitching along with the hearts, but I decided not to use the stitching either...sometimes the art just takes on a life of its own and you just have to roll with it and let it go where it will. I'm constantly amazed at what the subconscious brain does on its own...fitting things together without really thinking about it. This layout really took on a life of its own, but it took me awhile to get to know it. 

I was struggling to fit in my journaling because the Blue Fern Studios chipboard frame was large and I had already torn the pink paper (which is from DCWV), leaving only a few awkward spots {...not much of a planner}. So, I left my mess to simmer on my worktable overnight, and when I came back to it in the morning it was so obvious...it told me, "Journal tag tucked in a pocket." From then on, I was just the worker bee. 

From the testimony clues, I chose to journal as a recipe--such a fun idea. So I pasted the recipe onto the tag and tucked it neatly behind the photo, peeking out just enough to shout "Pull me out and read me!" 

{Should I be worried that I am personifying my scrapbooks? That they are speaking to me? I feel like I just left evidence for future me to be locked up in the psych ward}

Last thing, I used Blue Fern Studios ebony embossing powder on the chipboard...then decided to add some little gems...I think that was overboard, but it's growing on me.

Did I mention that I made the pink roses? I thought the color was just perfect to pair with the minty blue flowers. Best of all, they were made of scrap paper, and as I've said many times, I can't stand to waste a single scrap of anything, so that made me happy! On that note, you know how I am the recycling police...I have been having Mount Everest days: days that the stairs seem like a mountain and climbing them is exhausting.

After being ill over Thanksgiving, I wasn't ready to have a flare over Christmas. By the time I put Zae down to bed, all I can do is fall into the nearest chair and close my eyes, try to block out the pain, and just rest. Since the recycling bin is on the other side of the block, and the snow is a foot thick here in southeastern Minnesota, I threw a plastic jug and a tin can in the garbage. {I felt like the worst human being on the planet} I just couldn't get dressed up in coat and boots and trek through the snow with bags of recyclables. All part of the journey of giving myself a break now and then and not feeling [too] guilty about it. Still...part of me wants to go dig through the garbage bin. Thankfully, there is a larger part of me that is repulsed by the idea of digging through a dumpster.

I probably won't be back before the new year, so be safe and think about all the blessings you've had this year, and what you want to do in the coming year to make it exceptional.

Happy New Year!


  1. Oh this is DIVINE! You MADE the pink roses?!?!?! OMG! They are GORGEOUS!! WOW! This layout is very balanced and the jet black accents, including adding bling to the chip piece, are so eye catching!! I absolutely LOVE how you shaped the leaves on the die cut! Very innovative! I might have to scrap lift that idea :). I am ever so happy that you are happy with your box of goodies! Beautiful creation...and I love to death reading your blog notes!! Lisa : )

    1. Thank you sweet Lisa! You were my personal Santa this year!!

  2. Wow! Can't believe you made those roses! Stunning! Gorgeous photo and page, Carrie! Love the juxtaposition of the bold chevrons with that soft damask pattern, and your recipe journaling is just perfect!

  3. This is such a beautiful layout, and I really enjoyed reading your journalling:-)

    1. Thank you, Nina! I appreciate your visit! :)


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