Sunday Night Sketches 07

I was ill over Thanksgiving {my "feast" was a bread roll} so I didn't post this sketch. I have a bunch of 4x6 pictures to use, along with some new chipboard from Blue Fern Studios. I'm excited that I will now be including their lovely chipboard pieces in my Etsy kits! I just love Blue Fern chipboard, don't you?

I have so many kits I've been working on, I just have to have a photo day...that is really the hardest part! Zae loves to "help" {completely hinder} with everything, so I have to do most things after he goes to bed--which was fine this summer, but now that we're in the long dark of winter, time for natural light is over well before his bedtime, and I don't work with artificial light in my photography. Mr. 67 does really great night time work, but he uses a long shutter speed with low light. So, I have some experimenting to do {which I will probably accomplish just in time for summer}!

Here's the layout I created using this sketch:

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Thanks for all your kind comments!