Colorful Creations is Back, Guest Designer News - Oh, And A Layout!

Hi all! Happy Sunday night to you. I didn't get around to doing a sketch for this week. What was once a weekly goal has slipped to becoming a monthly/when I get around to it goal. But when you're living life (read: chasing after an energetic 15-month old), time becomes this thing that flies past faster than you can catch it. 

As for the reason for this post when I have no layout to share (I take that back, I'll post one that is sitting on my desktop collecting dust before I sign out for the night). But firstly, do you remember Colorful Creations? You may remember them from back in 2008 on the Ning Forum. They retired in 2011, but they are back! How exciting to have another monthly challenge, right? 

I haven't scrapped anything "on my own" for so long because challenges are too fun. Plus, I know my style and techniques have improved because challenges make me think outside the box I normally live in!

I for one can easily get stuck in a scrapping "rut", where I'm scrapping the same thing over and over, just with different embellishments and papers. But once I discovered the vast online community of scrappers from around the world, I found inspiration everywhere, and scrapping became so much more fun {and I wouldn't have guessed that was possible}. 

If you're interested in applying as a Design Team member, here's some info:

  • Colorful Creations is looking for a few talented and creative scrappers/crafters to be on their design team. Challenges will consist of a variety of challenges ranging from sketches to layouts, from mixed media to off the page, from color combos to mood boards and whole lot more! There will be something for everyone! 
  • Terms will run for 3 months with the initial term beginning February 1, 2017 to May 1, 2017 and could very well be extended after that time. The design team would be asked to complete 2 projects per month.  You'll have to be a flexible crafter as their projects will have a wide range! You will also be asked to comment entries each week, so you'll have to be dedicated.
  • Visit Colorful Creations for more information, and how to apply. Be sure follow or bookmark the page so you can join in future challenges. While you're there, check out how you can win some blog candy!

Okay, now for the second part of this post. You know how my last post was about a guest designer spot at Let's Get Sketchy? Well, ironically, barely a minute after I had sent off my email, I heard from Debbi Tehrani, the owner of CSI (Color, Stories, Inspiration), a bi-monthly challenge blog with a unique theme: the challenges come in "Case Files" that contain a color scheme, clues, and evidence, with a focus on journaling. After all the griping I've done about my pitiful journaling, I was so excited to play detective to improve my own skills. 

I've posted the case files before when I revealed my layouts, but if you're new here, I'll give you an example of the most recent Case File:

How fun is that? Seriously, go play along!

I have been playing along, having a merry old time, and then I was asked by Debbi if I'd like to be a guest designer in February. Can you guess what I said? You probably heard my resounding "yes!" as it echoed off the mountains and down the canyons right to your eardrums. 

{I did put a disclaimer in that little about me box in the upper right hand corner: this is a quirky place, my place. A quirky space to put a smile on your face, something something green eggs and ham}

So watch CSI come February (and of course I will be ready to hit the enter key to publish my own post here). I am so looking forward to creating something extra-special so Debbi doesn't turn me out on the street with regrets! ;)

Here's that layout I promised. One more out of the dust bin! I'll even throw in a few of the "extras" so I can really pat myself on the back.

Have a great week!

This one is actually over a year old. That's Zae and I during our first photo session together in October of 2015, when he was a couple of weeks old. He slept through the entire session, which was probably 2 hours long and in which I "airplaned" him above me while I was laying on the ground. All he did was purse his lips in stubborn refusal to do anything more than dangle limply. Probably won't be scrapping those pictures.

One of my favorite things about this layout is the little lace border I created using some scalloped lace. I rolled up this gauzy material embroidered with little vines and pinched it together here and there, glued it together, and added some flat-back pearls. 

These flowers are so pretty, they're more tempting than candy, right? 

All right, time to spark some creativity to my brain cells and dig out all the goodies I'm going to use for this next challenge. I hope to see you there :)

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  1. WOW!!! Such WONDERFUL news Carrie!! HUGE congratulations!! What an honor to be a guest designer for CSI! AWESOME! And your layout...made a year ago?! It's fantastic! Absolutely love what you did with the rolling and pinching the lace & the distressing! The journaling notes are perfect too. Love everything about it!


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