Spiral Rose Tutorials--Break Out the Shot Glasses

If you've read my older posts, you might have played along with the spiral rose drinking game. We did shots for every layout that featured a spiral rose. {I did shots of espresso, which only furthered the manic creation of these beauties}. I was wired non-stop for about three months. I just love spiral roses, and I realized I haven't used one in forever.  After deciding to make a new batch, I thought I'd go on the hunt and see what kind of options are out there. Here's to another three months of espresso shots.

Spiral Rose Technique Tutorials

Basic Spiral Roses

This is the basic rolled rose technique. These work best with double-sided paper or cardstock, but any type of paper will work. Try anything you come across and see what happens: book pages, waxed paper, burlap, felt, glitter paper...the list goes on. If you can cut it and it holds its shape, you can use it. 

Spiral Rose Technique Tutorials - Shabby rolled roses

Shabby Rolled Spiral Roses

This shabby version is so pretty. These centers really give the basic flower technique a fresh lift. 

Book Page Spiral FlowersSpiral Rose Technique Tutorials

I like the alternate one on the right, which gives the flower more of an actual rose look. Using them together make them look like roses in the process of blooming.

"Push-Pin" Spiral RosesSpiral Rose Technique Tutorials

This tutorial was created for the purpose of creating these beautiful push-pins, but the technique works just as well to create scrapbook or cardmaking embellishments. The hand-cut leaves are a nice touch. This version is nice if you have single-sided paper, since you fold over the edges and won't see the underside.

Oval Roses

Spiral Rose Technique Tutorials

This rolled rose pattern looks much less abstract than most of the others, but still uses the same basic spiral rolling technique. 

Felt Rosettes

Spiral Rose Technique Tutorials - Felt rolled rose

If you're looking for some added texture, try it in felt. These would work particularly great for winter layouts, where flowers can seem out of place. But the texture of these brings to mind warm woolen mittens. Here's a video shows alternate version of the felt rolled roses. 

Silhouette Cameo Roses

Silhouette Americana

This one uses a cutting machine to cut the roses, but you could easily adapt the pattern and hand cut the shapes to create this style. Don't have a Cameo? I know...I want one too. {Do you read my blog, Honey? Hint, hint!}

Rolled Flower SVG

Spiral Rose Technique Tutorials - Spiral SVG

If you're lucky enough to have a Cameo or a Cricut, here's a nice SVG files to make spiral roses.

The Best Machine for DIY Projects

Twirled Flowers SVGs

And here's a few more SVG files to create interesting alternatives for your rolled roses. 

Spiral Rose Technique Tutorials

Spiral Flower Dies

Do you use a Sizzix die cutting machine like the Big Shot or Vagabond? Here's some dies that will have you creating these beauties in minutes.

Spellbinders Spiral Blossom One 

Spiral Rose Technique Tutorials - Spellbinders Spiral Blossom Die One (1)

Spellbinders Stencil Spiral Blossom Two

Spiral Rose Technique Tutorials - Spellbinders Spiral Blossom Die Two (2)

3D Bigz Die

Spiral Rose Technique Tutorials - 3D bigz rolled rose dies

Lastly, I discovered "unbranded craft dies" through a Facebook Group. You'll have a blast looking at all these beautiful dies that cost less than a cup of coffee. {Seriously. Let the addiction begin.} 

Spiral Rose Technique Tutorials Rolled Rose die
I hope I've left you with plenty to keep you busy on your scrapbooking projects. Your next layout is sure to be that much more beautiful with the addition of these beautiful rolled roses.

Happy crafting!


  1. Yes spiral flowers are fun to make! These all look wonderful. Nice reminder to make a few to add on a layout because they are adorable!

  2. Now we know who the ssebnile one is here. Great post! scrapbooking


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