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I love sharing with you products I have come to love during my scrapbooking career. Some of the things I share may provide me with a small form of compensation if you choose to purchase that item through that link. Be assured, there is no cost to you, and I select and share only those things that are truly worthy of recommendations that I would give to my best friend. No high pressure sales pitch, just a link if you are interested, so I can continue to provide information and inspiration for your scrapbooking endeavors.

I am not paid to endorse products; the products I choose are items I've bought myself, know well, and found to be valuable assets to the my scrapbooking toolkit or crafting experience. I strive to create great scrapbooking content, and personally guarantee all practices used on this site are used in good faith, with the hope of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or to talk scrap! Thank you for supporting my blog!

Carrie :)

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